Team Leader Meeting

February 3, 2016


Data Celebrations

Day of Hope with Shane Lopez

Intervention/Push in Needs

Feb. 15 Professional Development Plans- Send Agenda to Shawna by 2/12. Please include the room your team is meeting in and the time your team is planning to review data and the types of data reviewed. Data review sheets will need to be turned in at the end of the day on 2/15.

Master Schedule- Team leader input- (extra 10 minutes added to the day, 30 minutes for science and social studies embedded in ELAR, A few grade levels will be combined during rotation to allow for more push in assistance.

School Supply Lists- Due to Krista by 2/4. Supply lists should be $50 or under

Grade Level Supply/Materials Needs- Please let us know if you grade level needs anything- resource, supplies for students, books, etc.

General Test Training- March 2 @ 2:50 in the library - All certified K-4, special/rotation teachers.

Discipline Reminders- Krista

College Week- Feb. 29- March 4 - Holly

Specific Needs of Teams