By: Bergen, Jess, & Kooper

Why Should You Choose Jello?

This Jello product is a sugar free low calorie dessert. It does not contain gluten or fructose corn syrup. There is no sugar, fat, or carbs in this product.
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I you are allergic to red or blue dyes, you should not consume this product. It does contain these ingredients. This product also contains artificial flavoring.
Lindsay Lohan in a Jello Commercial from c.1996
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Sugar- 0%

Fat - 0%

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JELL-O Company History

JELL-O is made up of gelatin. Gelatin itself has no color, no odor, and it is pure protein. In 1897, Pearl B. Wait was a cough syrup maker. Gelatin does not look or taste appealing, so Mr. Wait decided to add fruit syrup to it. He named this mixture of gelatin and fruit syrup JELL-O.

Price/ Unit Price

The price of a 4-pack of cups is $2.87 including tax. The unit price, or price per cup, is $0.67.