Hoot Hoot Herald

November 24, 2014 -- Edition 6

From Your Counselors:

On Monday, November 24, our fifth grade classes will be attending the Murchison Showcase (a showcase of Murchison electives). The showcase begins at 9:30 and ends at 10:50. This event gives our students a chance to see what the possibilities are before having to make a decision on their choice sheets in the spring.

ELL Support

Every Tuesday, Lindsey will be pulling ELL students for online support in the computer lab. Please continue to send these students (you received a list from Lindsey a few weeks ago) to the computer lab each Tuesday at 2:00. This is not for ALL ELL students --just the ones that were on Lindsey's list. Thanks!

Report Card Info:

End of Cycle Dates...

The second report card period runs Wednesday 12/10 - Wednesday 12/17 at 4p.m.

Lost and Found:

Our lost and found is overflowing. Please have your students check the lost and found for any lost items.

Thank you!

Intellectual Mentors - Round 3:

I currently have mentors ready to go in the following areas:

- electrical engineering (micro chip design)

- computer programmer

- surgeon​

- general business, sales

- operations, startups

- TV (film, lighting)

- Nutrition

If you have recommendations on students to be mentored by a professional in one of these areas, email Lindsey Pendleton with who, what career, and why! Please know that just because a student is nominated, doesn't mean that he/she will be selected, as we have to take into account the time availability of the mentors!

Music News:

Fifth Grade Musical-Thursday December 4th

8:30am Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st

1:30pm-2nd, 3rd, and 4th


Look Whooo's Having a Birthday:

11-18~Margaret Bridgeman

11-18~Marcy Hello

11-23~Sarah Sprague

11-24~Bonnie Singerman

11-24~Lacy Murphy

11-29~Jennifer Cremeens

Happy Birthday from "Owl" of us!!!!!!

Quote of the Week:

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." - Maya Angelou