What's Going on in C4 ?

April 8, 2016

It's Rocket Time!

This week we started our Rocket Unit with a visit from the Rocket Man! Dave Caravella joined our class this week disguised as the "Rocket Man" and gave all our C4 students a fabulous introduction to our Rocket Unit! The students learned how water, air, and solid fuels can all be used to provide the energy needed to launch a rocket.

The key understandings that the students should learn from this unit are:

1. Unbalanced forces cause a change in the motion of an object.

2. Energy is needed to change the direction of an objects motion.

Enjoy the pictures and videos from this week activities! Thanks again for joining us this week Dave!

Air Rocket Launch 1
Air Rocket Launch 2

Summer Opportunities

Check out these programs being offered through Drury Univerisity! Click on the block below for more information!

I also received an email from Teresa Arth about I-ROCK-U MUSIC STUDIO Day Camp. There is also a link to a website with more information below.

The Next Weeks' Activities

Next week we will continue our Rocket Unit by learning more about rocket design and energy sources for powering our rockets.

The 3rd and 4th Grade will continue working on their deductive reasoning skills through an activity called "The Detective Club". They are also getting closer to finishing their Sagia Projects where they are creating a plan for how to save an endangered animal who lives on their island.

I am very excited about the Explore! projects that the 5th and 6th graders are creating! The kids will continue working on them for the next 2-3 weeks. I hope to have a Gallery Day/Night where the students can share their projects and ideas!

Check out this weeks Padlets!! See what your kids have to say about what is going on in class and then ask them about it!

Robin Verheyen, Gifted Education Resource Teacher, Reeds Spring School District

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