Michael grey

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Red Rock Cola

There was a lot of advertisement during the 1920s and this was just one of the many things that were shown.
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This was just another way for woman to try and break apart from the normal ways of life. They wanted to break the traditional ways of life that they were used too.
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Black people were also trying to gain equality just as much as woman were and because of this many black artist had risen. They made many contributions like the creation of jazz.
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Woman during this time were trying to gain equality by gaining the right to vote just as men do. They knew that they had to do what ever was needed to be able to haves the same rights as men.
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Henry Ford

This is a revolutionary way that made products the fastest, quickest, easiest, and most efficient, way possible. Henry ford was the one that used this the most with the production of the model T
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Movie Star

One of the newest and most revolutionary inventions of the 1920s is the movie. Now you are able to go to a building close to home and watch a video of people miles away