Lauren's Trip To Trader Joe's

By: Lauren Cottrill

Apricots and Cookies

At Trader Joes Lauren bought two bags of apricots and a box of cookies for $15.27. The cookies cost $4.75. How much money did one bag of apricots cost?

Salami and Pizza

At Trader Joe's Lauren wanted to buy some salami and one frozen pizza. The pizza costs $5.12 and the salami costs $3.25. Lauren only had $18 to spend. How many packs of salami and a frozen pizza could she buy?


At Trader Joe's Lauren bought three packages of steak. Each package of steak costs $5.13 per lb, and $1.16 for tax, How much can each package weigh if I have $75 to spend?


At Trader Joe's Lauren bought 9 packages of apples and used a coupon for $5. At Tom Thumb Lauren bought three packages of apples and donated $15 to charity. If she spent the same amount of money at each store, and the apples cost the same at each store, how much money did each package of apples cost?

Reason Why I Chose Trader Joe's

I chose Trader Joe's because ever since I was seven years old, I have always loved their apricots. Additionally, I enjoyed the free samples when we made our weekly trip to the store.