Prudence Crandall

A Women Who Stood for Many

Injustice for EDUCATION

This event took place on April 1833 in Canterbury, Connecticut. Education should be offered to every child who has a desire to learn. This event involed 20 African-American girls who wanted an education. Prudence Crandall valued education and she wanted to see her students. This event was apart of the Abolistianst Movement. Prudence Crandall thought a solid education was important, and this would affect me in ways of my own mother who is an African-American women she has be able to recieve an education as well.

The Life of Prudence Crandall

Prudence Crandall

Prudence Crandall was born on September 3, 1803 to Pardon and Esther Carpenter Crandall, a Quaker couple in the town of Hopkinton, Rhode Island. Later Prudence Crandall taught in a school for girls in Canterbury. In 1831, she returned to run the newly established Canterbury Female Boarding School. Prudence Crandall died on January 28, 1890 in Elks Falls.
Who Is Prudence Crandall?

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