Jeff Corwin

Biologist, Naturalist, and Conservationist

Adventurous, curious, driven, creative

Son of Valerie and Marcy, brother of Amy and Joy, husband of Natasha, and father of Maya and Marina

Currently the resident of an island of the South coast of Boston

Who lived from 1967 to still living

Who studied wildlife, nature, biology, anthropology, and herpetology

Whose talents include theatre and studying nature

Who believed no wildlife or nature should be killed or destroyed and that we are all responsible for saving Earth's natural resources.

Who is remembered for being a famous biologist, naturalist, and conservationist with shows like "The Jeff Corwin Experience", "Corwin's Quest", "Going Wild with Jeff Corwin", "Planet in Peril", "Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin", and "Into the East"

Jeff Corwin

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Jeff Corwin on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
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