Strathmore Elementary School

January Newsletter

Mrs. K Bera, Principal

January Events

  • January 3 Welcome Back!
  • January 5 BOE Meeting - CO 8:00 PM
  • January 11 Star Student recognition 7:00 PM Cafeteria
  • January 11 PTO meeting 7:30 Library
  • January 12 & 13 School Store
  • January 13 PTO Pizza Bingo 6:00 PM
  • January 16 School Closed Martin Luther King's Birthday
  • January 23 McDonald's Night to support Relay for Life
  • January 25 Shark Tank competition at Cliffwood
  • January 30 2nd marking period ends
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Congratulations Mrs. Zomro on your retirement.

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Please join the ‘STRATHMORE STRONG’

Relay for Life Team

as we host a “McTeachers”

give back event at


Date: Monday, January 23, 2017

From: 5:00 PM -8:00 PM

Where: 164 RT 34

Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Mrs. Bera and the Strathmore teachers will ‘work’ at the Aberdeen McDonalds restaurant greeting customers, working the registers and in some cases, serving up French Fries.

This exciting fundraising event will raise money to benefit


Relay for Life Team

Tell your family and friends!

No flyer necessary!


The third grade students have been working hard to come up with creative ideas for an innovation/invention that serves a purpose or fills a need. This project was intended to inspire curiosity, creativity, and passion to prepare students for our ever changing world. All of the students are excited about their inventions and can't wait to present their ideas to our Shark Tank Panel.

We began this unit by researching other inventors and illustrators. After that the students brainstormed problems and needs that people have. From there, they began to brainstorm ideas to help solve these problems or needs. They began working on their Display boards using Google Docs and created their models. Students have also been busy practicing their public speaking skills by using the video response app called RECAP. Students are now beginning their persuasive speech that they will use to convince the judges to invest in their idea during our Shark Tank episode.

Students will present their innovations/inventions to a panel of “Shark Tank Members”(inspired by ABC’s Shark Tank), who will judge their projects and decide whether or not to “invest”. (Fake money of course!).

Our event will tank place on Wednesday, January 25th in the Cliffwood School Cafeteria.

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We can all agree that parenting can be very stressful. Remaining calm can help get you through your busy, challenging, hectic day. Treat yourself by becoming familiar with some simple stress management skills and relaxation exercises that are sure to help you relax and feel more energetic.

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Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District


282 Church Street

Aberdeen, New Jersey 07747

(732) 705-5900 FAX (732) 290-8463

January, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Every year we receive reports of head lice in some of our schools throughout the district. It is important that parents understand that head lice infestation is not a result of unclean homes or children. Head lice are usually transmitted from one infected person to another by direct contact with hair. Such contact usually does not take place in the school setting; but rather at sleepovers, parties, and sports, or in any situation where there is head and/or clothing contact. Please take the time to educate your children not to use or share anyone else’s comb, brush, hat, scarf, helmet, etc.

We recommend that parents check their children frequently for head lice during the course of the school year. Mass screening of children in school has not proven to be nearly as effective as parents actively checking their children’s heads at home on a regular basis.

What should you look for?

  • Persistent itching or scratching behind ears and back of neck.
  • Head lice are tiny, the size of sesame seeds. They are grayish-tan, wingless insects.
  • They do not jump or fly; they crawl on the scalp.
  • Females lay eggs called nits that are glued to the hair shaft. Eggs hatch in 10 days.
  • Eggs look like dandruff, but dandruff can be easily flicked away with fingers.

What is the treatment?

  • Check with your health-care provider about which shampoo to use.
  • Remove the nits (eggs) that may survive after treatment
  • The nits will hatch and cause re-infestation unless you comb them out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our school nurse Mrs. Langer at 732-705-5935


Kelly A. Bera


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Winter Alert....Delayed Opening Information

In an effort to clarify what a delayed opening entails, listed below are the details to be followed for Strathmore Elementary:


· School begins at 10:50 AM

· Students cannot be dropped off prior to 10:40 AM

· School ends the same time as a regular day – 3:35PM

· There is no Y time in the morning for a delayed opening

· There is no breakfast for a delayed opening

With regard to Bus pickup, please add 90 minutes to the time that is listed on your child’s bus pass. For example, if your bus is due to arrive at 8:50 am, in a 90 minutes delayed opening, the time for that bus would be 10:20 AM. The procedure of being at your bus stop about 10 minutes before would still apply in a delayed opening.

We hope the above information will assist you with any confusion regarding a delayed opening.

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Dress for the weather

· When weather conditions permit, the students do go outside to play during recess. Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to wear outdoors.

· The temperature in the building ranges from classroom to classroom. It is suggested that your child dress in layers so that they can feel comfortable at all times during the school day.

Are You Helping Your Child Build Reading Skills?

Are You Helping Your Child
Build Reading Skills?

Do you know when to step in and when to let your child work out reading difficulties on his own? Take this quiz to find out. Answer yes or no to the questions below:

___1.Do you step in when your child races through a book or skips pages?

___2.Do you coach your child to notice the details in the book if he gets distracted?

___3.Do you encourage your child to add his own dialog, make up his own ending or extend the story?

___4.Do you let your child talk himself through the parts of the story he doesn’t quite understand?

How well are you doing?More yes answers mean you’re doing great. For each no, try that idea from the quiz.

Information Prepared by the ~Parent Institute~

Are You Encouraging Your Child to Write?

The best way for your child to become a better writer is by getting lots of practice. Do you find fun ways to encourage your child to write? Answer yes or no to the questions below:

___1.Do you and your child leave notes for each other?

___2.Have you given your child a calendar where she can record special events and activities?

___3.Do you encourage your child to write letters, notes and emails to friends or relatives?

___4.Do you and your child spend time writing in journals?

___5.Do you encourage your child to make her own greeting cards?

How well are you doing?

More yes answers mean you’re helping boost your child’s writing skills. For each no, try that idea from the quiz.

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Kelly Bera, Principal

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