Abraham Lincoln

By Abby


Have you ever been to Hodgenville, Kentucky? Well if you have that is where Abraham Lincoln was born. He was born 1809. Abraham Lincoln was famous for his speeches and his leadership.

Life before being famous

Abraham Lincoln grew up in the Western Frontier. He had two siblings one was older another younger than Abraham. Their names were Sarah and Thomas, they both died when Abraham was seven. When Abraham was nine years old his mom died of a disease. Abraham's neighbors recalled him when he walked miles to borrow a book. He married Sarah Bush Johnston.

Getting famous

Abraham got famous for his speeches because he made such good speeches and was a great person. His leadership was strong , he lead our country from okay to a great country. He was elected for president alot of people didn't like him as president. He was the sixteenth president.

Intresting facts

Abraham fell in love with Annie Rutlede, but before they could get engaged a wave of Typhoid Fever came over New Salem. Annie got Typhoid Fever and died at the age of twenty-two! Abraham was born in a log cabin. He thought it was unfair for woman to not be able to vote, he wanted woman to be able to vote. Lincoln is on the penny and the five dollar bill.

Important Events

Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. He got shot at Fords Theater April 15, 1865. John Wilkes Booth was his murderer. Abraham's life was saved twice when he was young.

Personal life

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. Lincoln was a very tall man at the height of six feet and four inches. He had lots of nicknames including Uncle Abe, Old Abe, and Honest Abe. Some people even called him Lincoln.


Abraham Lincoln had a very full and tragic life that has impacted us to this very day.