December 14-18

Mrs. McLane's Class Newsletter

Upcoming Events

December 14 MES food drive begins

December 14 Reading with the Gamecocks reading logs due

December 15 All Pro Dads

December 16 Holidays Around the World

December 17 Polar Express Day

December 18 Gingerbread house class craft/ Last day (now a full day)

January 4 Return from winter break- 1st Flood weather make-up day

January 5 2nd Weather make-up day


We have a lot of exciting events happening this week. We will be taking a ride on the Polar Express, attending a sing-a-long, traveling around the world to learn about holidays in other countries, and wearing our pajamas to school- just to name a few! You will be receiving specific information pertaining to each of these activities. You have been asked to send in a couple items if you are able (one supply for our gingerbread house construction, and a wrapped book for our book exchange). If you are unable to send in any of these requested items, please let me know. I am happy to supply extras if necessary. We want everyone to be able to participate in our fun activities. We also need one more volunteer for our Polar Express Train (7:45-8:30). Please contact Meredith Cully ( or 767-7676) if you are able to help or donate additional items.

Midway Food Drive

Beginning Monday, Midway’s Character Club will be trying help feed 30 families in the Lexington Community. This is the time of year when food banks are at their lowest levels. Students and staff are asked to bring in canned food items or other non-perishable food items for donation.

Reading Counts

Each student created Reading Counts goal this week. Don't forget to have your child take several Reading Counts tests each week. If you have misplaced the password or if you have any questions regarding Reading Counts, please contact me and I will help!

First In Math

We have set First in Math goals for ourselves as well. Encourage your child to earn those First in Math stickers and be the Player of the Day! Just 10 minutes each day is a great addition to your child's first grade math curriculum!

Hour of Code

We had a wonderful time in the computer lab as we learned how to code. Coding is a valuable skill for students to learn. The students asked me to give them the link so they can work on the coding games at home, so the link is below.


Click on students, scroll down and click on Course 1 for the easiest level.

Look What We're Learning!

In math class, we have been learning about measurement. We have learned to measure with different things (cubes, inch worms, our body). We have also learned how to measure with a ruler, and, more importantly, a tape measure! We had fun as we explored the circumference of different things such as our ankles, our wrists, and even our heads!

The Moon

We have been learning about the moon in our science studies. We have learned what the moon is made of, how it rotates, and about day and night cycles. We have also learned that the moon goes through phases. If your child is interested in learning more, check out this calendar that shows the phase of the moon each night.

All Pro Dads

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 7am

180 Midway Road

Lexington, SC

We have our monthly All Pro Dads meeting coming up for dads and dad figures. You may RSVP here: