Welcome To Mercury!

Remember to bring sunscreen! ;)

Come To Our Beloved Planet!

Mercury is the smallest planet with a diameter of 3,032.4 miles. If you weigh 100 lbs on Earth You would weigh 38 lbs on Mercury! The sun is 36 million miles from Mercury so it will always be sunny! Also your hotel comes with you own oxygen tank because the atmosphere is filled with 95% helium and hydrogen and 5% oxygen and potassium. 1 year on Mercury is only 88 Earth days.

Beautiful sun where ever you go!

The surface temperature is 720º C and that is why we have special boots that will protect you feet! ;) On Mercury, one day there is 59 days on Earth and one year is 88 days on Earth! When yo visit our planet you will feel lighter than ever because Mercury has 38% of Earth's gravity! Also since Mercury has a dark side and a light side the light side can get up to 950º F and the dark side can get down to -346º F.
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