By Elgon Watson

Desert location

The desert is located in the south about 30 degrees latitude north and 30 degree latitude south you can look and see where it is down below on the map

Desert General characteristic

Desert are second when It comes to the tropical

rain forest when it comes to animal and plant species.

The desert is the driest land it barley get water.

Desert whether and climate

The desert is hot thought the day and is cold and the night.

The land is dry all year around it gets little rain.

When it does get rain the land sucks up most

of the rain through cracks in the ground.

Look at the map right on side of it.

Desert tempature

Because little moisture in the sky the desert tempature are high.

And when night fall comes the hot air escapes in space.

Then it is very cold at night in the desert.

Look at the map and see how hot it is.

Desert precipation

It rains in the desert just a very little it is not uncommon for the water

to evaporate before hitting the ground.

It can also snow in certain types of deserts.

That means rain fall is high in that certain

type of desert. But the soil can or rock

can not hold that much snow.

Desert Landforms

Desert some times have mountains these are

made of mud or hard rock. Some animals live

in the mountains.

Some of the desert land is smooth.

But some desert have canyon and mountains.

Desert animals

Most animals in the desert are cold blooded.

The other animals like mammals are small like

The kangaroo.

The kangaroo rat a lays its baby in an underground den.

The baby stay there until its is old enough to come out.

The other animals like the kit fox lays its baby's

In a den till the cubs are old enough to go hunting With her.

Snakes are cold blooded the lay their baby where

there is food. So the can eat while she is out hunting.

The baby's where hatched from eggs.

The insects in the desert live off of dead organisms.

The lizard stay under rocks and stay cool just like the snakes.

They hunt at night they eat insect.

Desert plants

The desert plants like the cactus can hold wate for a long period of time.

Creosote plants have big leaves to protect it from the sun.

Sage brush have seeds that dormat in the sand until it gets enough

water to grow. Octcillio plant has big leaves so it can absor water.

The salt rice plant only lives in the cold desert it grows its plants

leaves only in the summer.