10 Weapons Used in WWI

How did these weapons help?


The bolt-action rifle was the main weapon used by the British in trenches. 15 rounds could be fired in a minute. This gun was so efficient that a person standing 1,400 meter away could be fired at and killed.
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Machine Gun

The Machine gun was very powerful and strong. 4-6 men had to work one machine gun on a flat surface. Machine Guns had the fire power of 100 guns. Machine Guns can shoot hundreds of rounds in one minute.


The German Army was the first army to use chlorine gas at the battle if Ypres in 1915. Chlorine Gas causes a burning feeling in the throat and chest pain. Mustard Gas was the most deadly weapon used. It cause vomiting, blistering, sore eyes, bleeding etc.


The Zeppelin is also called a blimp, was an airship used for bombing raids in the early part of WWI by German. Zeppelins carried machines guns and bombs. These blimps had to stop being used because they were easy to shoot out of the sky.
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First Tank was used in WWI at the battle of Somme. The first tank was called little Willie. This tank needed a crew of 3. The fastest speed it could go 3mph. Modern Tanks were't created until the end of the war. These tanks could carry 10 men, it had a revolving turret, and it could travel at 4mph.


First, planes were used to deliver bombs and to do spying work. Planes later became fighter aircraft's armed with guns, bombs, and some had cannons. "Dogfights" was when two airplanes fought in the sky.
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Torpedoes were used by submarines. The Germans used torpedoes to blow up ships that carried supplies form America to Britain.
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A grenade was a canister with 16 inch cane handle. A grenade was ignited by pulling the safety pin from the top. You through the grenade at a designated point and it would explode and harm and kill the one near. (a bomb in a small package)
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A bayonet is a knife or sword that was fitted underneath the muzzle of a rifle, musket, or another weapon.
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A flamethrower is a machine that was used to project a long stream of fire. Some flamethrowers projected a stream of ignited flammable liquid and others projected gas flame.
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