Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

Board Game

Most students know and love the story of greedy Scrooge who transforms into a good man through the help of three Christmas Ghosts. But how well do they know the story? The thirty questions included in this board game guide the players through the plot and its main characters.

Click the links to download the game board and a set of questions.

Teaching Tips

This board game was initially designed for foreign language learners.

After playing a video of the story, this game can be used as a collaborative comprehension exercise involving two or more players. Students need to listen to each other carefully and compare the given answers with the answer key.

As an alternative, instead of using premade questions, students could create their own card sets that they share with another small group of students. You may take a moment to focus on grammar and revise the basic rules for asking questions in English.

Create your own board game

Maybe your students would love to create their own game board. They can use a MS Word template to customize their game online. Or hand out a printed template and have your students color it by hand.

Here are the links to the free templates I used to create these teaching materials.