Riding Mountain National Park

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The Riding Mountain National Park was first established in 1929 in Manitoba. The park is located 300 km west of Winnipeg. The size of the whole entire park is 2,973 square km. The forested parkland stands in sharp contrast to surrounding prairie farmland. The Riding Mountain National Park was designated a national park because it protects three different ecosystems that converge in the grasslands. The park is home for a lot of animals like wolves, elk, moose and black bears.

The Impact of climate change on national park

There are some types of global warming changes that happen to our atmosphere. Here are two of the types of global warming changes.

Tree growth rate increases

*Trees continue to grow at a faster rate because of the rising temperatures and the extended growing season. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen are other factors contributing to the faster growth

Warmth of the climate

*The snow melt faster

*The runoff will increase by 18%

*If the spring temperature is warm then usually the spring temperature will be higher by 16%

Projected Climate Change at Riding Mountains National Park

Global Warming will affect temperature and precipitation at the park as follows

Temperature (°C)

Spring +2.0 to +8.0

Summer +1.0 to +6.0

Fall +2.0 to +4.0

Winter +2.0 to +8.0

Precipitation Increase (%)

Spring +4.0 to +26.0

Summer -29.0 to +18.0

Fall -7.0 to +24.0

Winter -9.0 to +19.0

Great Things to do at Riding Mountain National Park

At the Riding Mountain National Park there are so many fun things that you can do. The park offers tour groups that take you on a tour around the whole entire Park/Plaza. By the spring and summer they have so many activities that you and you're family can enjoy while your either spending time with family or on vacation. In the spring and summer some of the activities you can do are Horse back riding, Boat trips, Fishing, Biking and backpacking through the park. During the winter visitors enjoy skiing and one of the favourite activity is snowmobiling. Once again Riding Mountain is a great place to be so come on down and enjoy it with the family.
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About the Riding Mountains National Park

Location: Manitoba

Size of the Park: 2973km2

Ecozone: Boreal Plains

Geocentric Location: 50.86 degrees north 100.08 degrees west

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The warmest months are July and August respectively. Mean daily temperatures peak in July at 15.6°C (60°F). The corresponding mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures for July are 8.3 and 23.9°C (47 and 75°F). Therefore, although daytime temperatures may be hot, evenings generally are quite cool. January is the coldest month in the year with a mean daily temperature of -20.6°C (-6°F). Mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures for January are -13.8 and -27.3°C (7 and -17°F).