By David Warrior

Iceland is a country I would like to visit in my teen years like when I’m fifteen.This is a place broken with green land it had a earthquake and split into two countries.Iceland is made of of ice, snow,and grass. In my paper I will be telling you about Iceland,and it will explain about the culture of Iceland and more.

Why I want to go to Iceland

Here are three reasons would like to go to Iceland because I would love to see iceland because of the holidays,because the people of iceland always go to

the waterfall it's a holiday on easter.


The waterfall is five feet and no one can cross if they did they would of died from one of this legion of iceland.

I would like to see a rare puffen it's more money than you think it's mostly five hundred dollars to six hundred dollars. If you see one and take a picture if sell you can buy a gold bar of legion.The food that's from iceland is all made of cows there's cow head, cow body,cow tail,and a rare thing is cow's ears their a desert and they eat fish too but they can not fish in the waterfall it's alegol.A religion is the muslims the icelandic people call muslims cheaters in war because they won the war also most of them went to wrath of the town a.

Interesting Facts

The best sport in iceland is golf in the day the afternoon and in the night the night is called

Midnight golf.Some nights they go to the waterfall to golf because it's nice there and it's better because you're safer.There is a wonder land in iceland that is beautiful and that has a huge lake or a waterfall for kids adults and tweens.It's full of waterfalls.Those are three reasons I would like to go to iceland theis more things that I have learn from Iceland from Iowa we eat real food not just cows we eat more than just cow we eat fish and more.I learned that there's more stuff for iceland you can put a pool in houses but in Iowa you have to buy them.

Sense I’ve learned so much about Iceland that some time I could go to Iceland and see their whole culture and how the speak and how they can do sports if I could play in a sport of theirs.If I could ever go it would be fun ‘to got to Iceland I heard that if you speak in class you could get candy and if you look in the teacher's eyes she will say what is abraham's gun fire at.