Staff Summer Update

Updated July 23rd

Welcome to Bally, New Staff!!

Tiffany Davis

Tricia Widener

Ashley Munson

Jerry Stamper

April Kron

Adrienne Kocin

Amy Steinbrunner

Tammy Freihofer

Kevin Dailey

Jackie Kennedy

Jill Little

Breanna Williams

Michelle Schmitt

Megan Cathers

Hallie Booth

Holly Peek


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Summer Reading

1. The full staff read Focus by Mike Schmoker last school year. We all ready part 1. Cores read their section of part 2. Sped and UA read the ELA portion of part 2. If you are new, please take some time to read these parts as well. Books can be picked up from school.

2. We are reading The Teachers Guide to Standards Based Learning, pp. 1-34 only, as a staff this summer in prepartion for our work on prorficiency scales in 19-20. If you are new, please pick up your book from school.

3. Our ELA staff will be reading The Book Whisperer this year. Copies can be picked up from school. Some of us are participating in the Voxer book study as well.

4. We will be reading The Writing Revolution this year to integrate writing into ELA and the cores. I ordered 20 copies. If you reserved a copy, please pick one up from school. Some of us are participating in the Voxer book study as well.

Professional Development

Summer: Create Unit 1 with Flex Time. If you are not on Stacie's calendar, please get on her calendar to make this happen.

First Week of August: Co-Teacher Training TBD, Induction for new staff August 2nd from 8-12, Team Lead TBD

August 12: Opening Day/Academic SBG Training (7:30-2:45 at Bally)

August 13: Behavior RTI (PBIS) Training (7:30-2:45 at Bally)


If you want to sponsor an official club this year, please let me know. To be paid for a club, you must meet at least once a month for an hour.

19-20 Teams

Special Education

FMD Unit: Paige Hurst (teacher), Jenny Spicer and Emily Edwards (paras)

LBD: Lindsay Clayton, Katy Dennis, TBD, and Tricia Widener (teachers) Doug McCreedy (para)

EBD and LBD para support: Shawn Kramer

EBD support: Nikki Herrmann--team lead

EBD Unit: Jerry Stamper (teacher), and Jill Little and Breanna Williams (paras)

Speech: Lisa Ryle

School Psychologist: Erica Bouwie

OT: Ronae McCloud

PT: Becky Aragon

Unified Arts

Spanish: Sandi Morris--team lead/model classrom

PE: Jillian Skidmore

PE and Health: Pat Pidgeon

Technology: Leslie DIllon

PBL: Beth Kamradt

Leadership: Tammy Freihofer

Chorus: Holly Peek

Band: Randell Bertsche

General Music: Bertsche and Peek

Art: Kristi Heist

Staff Support

Secretary/Finance: Sarah Hayden

Nurses: Alicia Fritter (primary) and Lacey Townsend

Health Clerk: Heather Simpson

Attendance/Enrollments: Jill Stinson

Reception/Volunteers: Crissy Nelson

Instructional Tech Assistant: Michelle Schmitt

Leadership Team

Principal: Erika Bowles

Assistant Principal: James Demetrakis

Counselors: Meredith Palmer and Amy Steinbrunner

Instructional Coach: Stacie Kegley

School Resource Officer: Mark Jump

Media Specialist: Tia Wood

The Leadership Team also includes team leaders.