Oklahoma State University

Jaylon Lee

Mascot and Traditions

The mascot for OSU is Pistol Pete a cowboy.
Pistol Pete is the official mascot of Oklahoma State.
Oklahoma State's mascot, Pistol Pete is modeled after real-life Cowboy Frank Eaton

Bullet is the name of the horse ridden by the “Spirit Rider” at Oklahoma State University-Stillwater football games and other special events.Bullet runs out after a touchdown by the Cowboys.


Courses Oklahoma Residents Non-Residents of Oklahoma
Undergraduate Tuition $147.50 (per credit hour) $567.00 (per credit hour)
Lock Tuition 2012-2013 $169.60 (per credit hour) N/A
Graduate Tuition $178.00 (per credit hour) $728.00 (per credit hour)


Address: Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074



Cross country-Golf-Tennis-Wrestling

Track and Field


The cost of dorms are $169 to save time and ease after a move.

Meal Plans

They allow you as the costumer to choose when,where, and how often you eat.

Student Activities

Some of the activities are Allied Arts, Special Events, and a Service-Learning Volunteer Centers.

Entrance Requirements

SAT-1500 or higher

GPA-3.0 or higher

On Campus Amenities/Facilities

Boone Pickens Stadium

Old Central

Bartlett Hall

Gardiner Art Gallery