University of Theater

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Welcome to UOTCA!

Hi welcome to University of Theater! We are glad you considered our prestegious school of the theater arts. UOT is one of the top 10 theater universities in California. We have tought some of the most accomplished actors, actresses, acrobats, producers, directors, and makeup artists. Our society is a green campus we only ride bikes and mopeds to school and we have solar panals for electricity.


Our acrobatics have the best teachers from around the world. We provide trapize, silks, and lyra to learn. For a four-year degree in acrobatics is $20,000. We combine silks and trapize, lyra and trapize, and lyra and silks. The classes for silks and lyra vary from 8 o'clock am. to 6 pm, from then on it's trapize and silks for Mon.-Thurs. and on Fridays it is lyra and trapize from 7 am to 1 pm.


The photography course is one of our newest. We have about 20 Nikon DLS (to borrow!) if you dont have one. You can borrow it for the course or until the professer says to return it. A four-year degree is $30,000 without the costs of cameras. Our school offers backgrounds and props for the photos you take.


Our theater courses offer many oppertunities to succeed. We have had students perform on Broadway and many other successful theater productions. The cost for 4 year degree is $25,000. All of the classes are taught in theaters. We have performances from professional Broadway actors and actresses every last friday of the month.

Make Up

Our make up artists do make up for: theater, acrobatics, actors, actresses, and musicians. You can learn about every little detail in make up from our professors. A four year degree in cosmetics is $20,000. We provide brushes and make up but if you prefer a certain type you have to buy with your own money.


We teach you to play guitar, piano, trumpet, and many other instrumants from all over the world and sing jazz, blues, rap, etc. even if you have had no experience. A four year degree in music is $25,000. We provide the instruments and we have a school band if you want to join. It starts at 11 am. and ends at 6 pm. it may seem like a long time but time goes by fast when your having fun!

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to read our brochure and we hope you choose our school to spend your four years of college. We always say, ''If you work hard anybody can succeed in life!'' Come to the college of your dreams UOTCA!