San Francisco de Solano.

Edwin Gutierrez Castillo

Mission history.

Mission San Francisco de Solano was built in1828. This mission is the 21out of 21. The Indians at the mission were the Pomo and Miwok. The founder of the mission is Fray Jose Altima. Mission de Solano is located in the center of Sonoma ,40 miles north of San Francisco.

Daily life at the mission.

For free time the indians did hunting and traditional crafts. The indians farmed and planted. The Indians grew beans, peas, and lentils. They planted fields of wheat, corn, and barley. The Mission San Francisco de Solano had a church. The church measures 105 feet long and is 22 feet wide. The first church made of wood white washed with mud was destroyed in 1838. The church was rebuilt in 1840.


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Today's Mission.

Today's mission is a church. People come to the church. The mission is missing a bell. The mission is old. The building was a mission but now it is a church