What Connected Educators Gleaned

By Kevin and Jessi


From the introduction of the authors we immediately realize just how powerful Twitter can be as a social media. Seeing this book as the product of the 3 different authors that all met through twitter shows us that you can meet amazing people through Twitter.

One component of Twitter that did not seem to have a big impact was the professional profile. People have the ability to search Twitter for whatever they want and your profile will be included in that search. With this being said your search results will include people with key words from your profile. This makes searching for people a bit more specific so that you can see exactly who or what you are looking for.

Its Important to Unplug

One segment of this book that is really important is knowing when to unplug yourself from technology and your social media. Using social media to branch out and gather new ideas for you classroom is an amazing concept for teachers but it is equally important to students and teachers alike to understand when to unplug.