CHS Multimedia Newsletter

November 2016

CHS Yellowjacket Book of the Year 2016

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Hold the presses:

Voting for the CHS Yellowjacket Book of the Year 2016 has begun! The selected titles were chosen based on the following criteria:

Recognition for at least two of the following:

*Amazon Best YA Books 2016 So Far

*American Library Association Top Ten YA Books of the Year

*Barnes & Noble Best YA Books 2016 So Far

*Goodreads YA Books (100,000 votes prior to Goodreads Choice Awards Posting)

*National Book Award Recognition

*Printz Award Winner or Finalist

*YALSA Top Ten Teen Choice Finalists

*Other YA online recognition

Take a look at the trailers for the nomination books

Makerspaces at the CHS Library

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Makerspaces are becoming a trend in school and public libraries. What are makerspaces? It's a place designated for creating projects. Some examples include arts/crafts, computer coding, robotics, etc.

After reading through student survey responses recently, Ms. Geltch and Mr. Calderon tested to see how this would work by developing library activities based on a Halloween theme. On Halloween, students created spooky candy crafts from the T.V show "Chopped" inspired ingredients: toothpick, gummy worms, chocolate candy corn, marshmallows, and Nerd candies. We including a coloring table with sugar skull handouts. Many students participated in these activities.

Through more trial & error and increased student involvement, the CHS library will become an even more prominent learning hub.

Copyright Images and Music

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It's imperative for students and staff to understand the importance of utilizing copyright free images and music for their multimedia projects. I was also reminded of selecting school appropriate online resources. Even with the following websites, only choose "for non commercial purposes" materials.

Favorite Copyright Image Sites

-Free Digital Images Net


-Photos for Class

-Wikimedia Commons

When I delved into many copyright free music sites, I found most had rather obscure musical compositions- except for one-Soundcloud. Soundcloud included more well known selections and current material. However, it's imperative to be extremely careful when using this site to avoid copyright infringement. I assisted you with this detailed Google Slide presentation Soundcloud: Cool Copyright Free Music Download Tutorial

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10+Comics Only Book Lovers will Love

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My colleague reminded me of my insatiable literary through this comical post.

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