Talk Techie to Me!!!

February 2016 - Secondary

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Cheaters - Break their hearts.

Google Docs, etc.

Remove the option to download and the option to make a copy.

  • Select or open the file and go to share.
  • Click advanced and check the second box under owner settings. (See the image below.)

It is also possible to prevent students from sharing with others. Check the first box under owner settings to remove the option to share.

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Google Forms

Unauthorized "Googling" during testing? Press Ctrl + H to check history in a snap.

Just for ELA

View this video to learn more about increasing Pearson Realize quiz security.

Did you know?

Ever wonder what the Google Classroom extension that appears at the end of your web address bar is for?

The Share to Classroom extension is more than just an easy way to open Google Classroom. Use this extension to share an open tab with your entire class.

  • Click the icon.
  • Pick your class.
  • Push to students.
  • Choose make an assignment, ask question, or make announcement.

Students can use this extension to push online content to teachers.

Techtacular Creations

A call for nominations is coming soon. Be thinking of students that deserve recognition for their outstanding use of technology.