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Happy Friday!

March 12, 2021

Dear Families,

Thank you to those of you who have already filled out our family PBIS survey! We've had a greater response so far than we've EVER had at GHA, and I'm really thrilled with the feedback we've received from you. If you haven't yet given us your very valuable feedback, please take a few minutes to do so here.

So far, the areas of our district and program that you've identified as our strengths have been the environment (well-maintained building, organized classrooms, and up-to-date materials and curriculum), interpersonal relationships (your student feels successful at school, student is recognized for good behavior, you are comfortable talking to your student's teachers, staff communicate well, you feel welcome, and all students are treated fairly), and school safety (clear rules for behavior, student feels safe at school, student feels safe going to and from school, rules are consistently enforced, and rules and procedures are fair).

An area that you've identified as a need for growth is parental involvement (parent attends parent/teacher conferences, parent is actively involved in student's school, and parent frequently volunteers to help with school projects). We recognize that this is an area we need to focus on developing from the inside-out. This year has certainly put constraints on what we're able to do in terms of having families on-site, but that just means we need to think creatively to find opportunities for family involvement outside of our old norms. Your partnership means the world to us, and we will continue working to develop this area for and with you. I am always open to feedback or suggestions, if there's anything in particular you would love to see happen at GHA. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend!


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March is Reading Month!

Click here for the tracking guide for books read! In order to edit the digital document, you must go to File --> Make a Copy. Then you'll be able to edit the copy! :) Printed logs will also be sent home with students.

Click here for our Spirit Week days (March 29-April 2nd)!

Click here for our daily calendar of events!

Student of the Month

Our March character trait for Student of the Month is "collaboration"!

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Michigan Learning Channel

Michigan has a new Learning Channel that's available on all PBS stations throughout the state. Check out the schedule of programming here. March's specific programs can be found here.
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Parent Resource- Family Flyer from the IDS

Our Genesee Intermediate School District put together a family newsletter packed full of resources for parents! It has stories you can read, games to play with kids, and more! Check out this month's flyer here.
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Laptop Care and Tips

All of our scholars have received devices for virtual learning. Below are a few tips to ensure the technology devices are not accidentally damaged or lost.

- Ensure the case remains on the iPad or Chromebook.

- Ensure food and drinks are not around the technology devices.

- Ensure scholars are stationary when using the iPad or Chromebook.

- Monitor data usage. (Make sure hotspots are turned off and disconnected when not being used for school work.)

- When lessons have concluded for the day, ensure the scholar places the device in the same location each day.

- Ensure the technology devices are plugged into the charger at the end of the day in order for the scholars to have a fully charged device for the next school day.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 810-768-3860.

New Enrollment Coordinator!

We have had a new staff member join us! Dinequa Williams has been hired as an enrollment coordinator for GHA. If you have friends or family looking to join an awesome school community, please share Dinequa's information with them! She can schedule a tour and answer any questions they may have.

Dinequa and I would also love to set up new families with a school family that can help make the transition as smooth as possible. If you'd like to serve as a family mentor, please email or call Dinequa to be added to our list! We appreciate your support and involvement in welcoming new members to our GHA family!

(810) 768-3860, ext. 2007

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