Weekly Updates-Cluster 6 (6/11)


Cluster Announcements



We are wrapping up our Physics Unit this week with a unit test on Wednesday, June 15. The unit test will cover all the content from this unit, from how we measure and describe motion to Newton’s Laws of Motion and momentum. The content we have covered this term should give students a strong foundation to help make their transition to 9th grade physics a successful one.

Extra study materials (games, videos, study guides, etc) can be found linked in this Google Doc: Review Materials for Physics Unit


The math classes did their i-Ready diagnostic for their third and final time this year. The goal is to measure their growth as the year progresses, which is different than MCAS as it is adaptive rather than a standard test. So far, the growth looks great, as students are displaying that they've made some serious movement in their learning.

Next week, we will finish the diagnostic in class, and do some review of previously learned material with somewhat of a different look.

Algebra classes will work a bit more with quadratics, including the use of the quadratic formula to find roots.


This past week was our last week to prepare our Civics Action Projects. Next week your student will be sharing their work from the last 5 weeks in a 15 minute presentation to their class. Your students have written emails to people in power and received some excellent responses. Students will have the opportunity to continue their Civic Action in high school. We also learned about landmark Supreme Court cases, analyzing how our government has expanded or denied rights throughout our history. After we make our Civic Action Project presentations next week, it is Watertown and Washington DC week! About ⅔ of the 8th grade will be going to DC and the rest of the 8th grade will enjoy a week together learning about Watertown and each other.

We look forward to meeting many of you at the 8th grade awards and graduation on June 23 and we thank the PTO for all of their work!