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Which Diet is More Nutritional : Brazilian or Indian?

India: An Overview

The land of spices, exotic flavors, traditions, and so much more! India, being such a culturally diverse country has 29 states, 5 regions, 116 dialects, and more than 6 religions. With the inspiring beliefs, come traditions which have been performed for centuries including the various diets and dietary restrictions based on religion, modernity, influence, and exposure. The beautiful fact being that almost each and every indian state has its own traditions, language, and food as well. Having one exotic country have many diverse traditions of its own is quite fascinating, even its food. Indian food being one of the most famous foods around the world, isn't simply one type of edible arrangement, but in fact over many more flavors, techniques, and simple cooking that has been spread around for generations from region to region. But, simply due to the fact that many Indians are vegetarian, there are terms saying India is the "diabetes capital of the world" but does it mean that the entire diet is "healthier?"

Brazil: An Overview

Brazil, an exotic world of its own, has its own world-renown traditions, cultures, and incredible diversity. At often times, known as one of the happiest countries in the world, having mesmerizing beaches, traditions, and festivals known worldwide, such as the carnival. Due to its extremely diverse population, Brazil has many exotic dishes, ranging from fish, to rice and beans, barbeque, and many flavorous meats. This is the 2nd country with the most gyms, as Brazilians take exercise and dieting, VERY seriously. With the widespread need for meats and other non-vegetarian flavors, would the average Brazilian diet still be cautiously noted for being much more "healthier" than an Indian diet?

India vs. Brazil: Foodwise, both have pros and cons based on produce and unhealthy additions, but there have been positive and negative results each on the demographic of each country based on their nutrition and diets.


It had taken me a while to choose this topic of the diets between India and Brazil, as they are very different countries with very different heritages and cultures, but these countries are both meaningful to me. India being my birthplace and my beloved country and Brazil being my new start to a journey beyond with many interesting and unforgettable experiences. Both countries have many famous foods such as India's curries and Brazil's feijoada, but there still relies the question, which is more nutritious? Primarily, there are many other factors involved that could disrupt the proper investigation of discovering each countries' diets and traditional food facts such as the economy of the country, financial stability, demographics, environment, tradition, and so on. Therefore, there is currently not a positive answer to this situation, but each have their own concerns involved to make these worlds a better place by the people and for the people.


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