Penrith Selective High School

November/December Newsletter 2021

From the Principal

Welcome to the final newsletter for 2021.

It has been a wonderful end to the year, albeit complex given the COVID requirements to keep everyone safe and of course, the new Omicron variant which has complicated things further. My sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have worked to ensure all of our end of year events such as Orientation Day, Year 12 Formal and Graduation in addition to our 2022 HSC Information Evening have been possible.

Farewell Year 12

It was a pleasure to attend the Year 12 Formal at Woolwich and then the Graduation Ceremony in our stunning Alumni Garden. Given the two years of interruptions, having families onsite, students together and celebrating the success of every student was special.

Year 12 has made a wonderful contribution to the school. Their school gift will be a sizeable contribution to the additional pathway in the Alumni Garden which will add an extra way for students to move through the area. Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you to the Year 12 Adviser, Mrs Susie Grice. A wonderful example of a Year Adviser who advocated, guided, innovated and problem solved. The students and their families were very fortunate to be in such safe hands over 6 years. The whole school community now wishes you well for the arrival of your third little girl.

Thank you to Year 12 Deputy Principal, Mr Ferguson, who also played a key role. The list is too long to note, but a highlight was his outstanding organization of the most complex HSC we have held. The layers of required planning was astounding and Mr Ferguson didn't skip a beat.

Finally, thank you to all of the staff, teaching and non teaching, who have supported the students this year and over the past 6 years. Our staff are outstanding and we all now wait for the results in late January.

Good luck and please stay in touch through the alumni channels.

External Validation

The NSW Department of Education conducts a rigorous process of reflection and validation as part of the commitment to school excellence. Until this year, the process was a 5 year cycle. This has been compacted into a 4 year cycle to align to the new Strategic Improvement Plan.

The process, known as External Validation involves the school compiling a very significant amount of evidence to outline what is in place at the school and then self assessing our performance against the School Excellence Framework (SEF).

The school's Senior Executive, led by the Principal, then responds to questions in a panel format led by two externally appointed senior educators: a Principal - School Leadership and a Peer Principal. Our External Validation panel was held for just over 2 hours on a Thursday afternoon this term.

The Department of Education notes:

The School Excellence Framework (SEF) supports all NSW public schools in their pursuit of excellence by providing a clear description of the key elements of high quality practice across the 3 domains of learning, teaching and leading.

Through their self-assessment processes, schools draw on a range of evidence to determine their impact, progress and achievements. The SEF defines the core business of excellent schools, enabling them to reflect on quality practice and ensures consistency across the state.

Our last External Validation was held in September, 2016. Since 2016, the school has used the SEF to reflect and strategically plan with a goal of reaching the highest level (of a 3-tiered model: Delivering/ Sustaining & Growing/ Excelling) in all 14 elements.

In 2016, 10 out of 14 elements were validated at Sustaining and Growing. Our External Validation panel validated our School's Assessment of Excelling across all 14 elements.

We are all very proud of this incredible achievement. It has been a true team effort from all staff, students and families. Neither external panel member had been involved in an External Validation process where a school was deemed to be Excelling in all elements, indicating just how special this milestone is.

As with any school, the work must continue in pursuit of our yet to be met aspirations and we outlined for the panel what our next steps are.

I wish to thank everyone involved in supporting the hard, but rewarding work over the last 5 ½ years. I can't understate the role that parents and families play in schools that perform at the highest level and Penrith High families are fundamental to our success - thank you!

Students in action

One of the highlights of the final few weeks of Term 4 is seeing students finish their exams and move into a number of rich learning activities in classrooms and contributing to a range of whole school events.

There has been a very significant expansion of student leadership opportunities in recent years and we are near the end of the 12 days of Christmas events. The interactions between different leadership teams and student clubs is truly inspiring. Many of these events are reflected in this newsletter, but I wanted to say thank you to the students and staff who have made the end of a very challenging term and year, full of so much fun.

Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

In ending this year, I would like to again say thank you to every student, staff member and family. For two years, we have worked differently to the old normal. It has not been easy, but together, we have done it exceptionally well.

However you celebrate the end of the year, I wish you all a safe and relaxing break. It is both well needed and deserved.

Our results in all areas are up and we are all looking forward to seeing how the class of 2021 has performed when results are released on January 24, 2022.

Warm regards and thank you,

Mark Long


New Date- 70th Anniversary Luncheon (Delayed due to COVID)

Penrith High School's 70th Anniversary Reunion is to be postponed to Saturday 10th September 2022.

Tickets already purchased will be transferred to the new date. If the new date is not suitable for you, a full refund will be made.

Venue: Penrith Paceway.

Years: 1950-2010

Time: 12 noon, for lunch at 1:00 p.m.

Tickets went on sale on Monday 21st June and will continue until all sold and will cost $75 each.

Tickets are only available from Eventbrite

7 and 10 Deputy Principal's Report

Firstly, I would like to wish all our 7 and 10 families a very Happy Christmas and holiday season. I hope that the coming year brings more certain times for us all.

This newsletter I would like to, once again, take the opportunity to recognise some of the recent achievements of our Year 7 and 10 students.

Year 7

Riyanna Bandara Lokuge’s poem Market to Plate was published in the Oz Kids in Print publication. Riyanna’s work will also be judged for the 2021 Young Australian Writers’ Awards. You can find her work below and online at

Stacey Gongupalli was awarded 3rd in the high school division for the Hawkesbury Gazette's Design An Ad. Competition. In addition to this 15 more students received highly commended/runner-up recognition. More details can be found in the article elsewhere in this newsletter.

Thank you to Ms Magi and Mrs Micallef for their work with Riyanna this year as her English teachers. Thank you also to the CAPA Faculty for all the opportunities they provide to our students.

Year 10

Ambeikaa Mishra and Himani Bhandari for their efforts in the Plain English Speaking Competition. More details in an article below.

The following Year 10 students received Bronze level of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This is a huge accomplishment. The first 10 students are now working toward their Silver Award which is the second highest level possible:

Tanish Patel

● Brayden Kwok

● Anuja Paleti

● Juveena Julian

● Riddhima Pandit Bhasin

● Dharani Sutharshan

● Avneesh Shivkumar

● Dianne Caslangen

● Anantha Krishna

● Aayush Jain

● Shreya Shrestha

Thank you to Mrs Dalby and Ms Andreatta for their support of our Year 10 students in these areas.

Jaclyn Cush

Deputy Principal

Big picture

Riyanna Bandara Lokuge receiving her certificate at assembly

Big picture

Riyanna's award was presented by Mr Long and the new Teacher/Librarian, Mrs Roberts

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Miss Sonia Kumar

Previous School: New graduate teacher

Subject Area: Chemistry/Science

University Education: Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialising in Biology and Chemistry

Interests: Bushwalking, reading, watching thrillers and going to concerts

Favourite Sport: Hockey

Favourite Food Dish: Chicken Pad See Ew

Anything Else? Very excited to be here!

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Miss Micah Sebastian

Previous School: First time at a high school!

Subject Area: Student Support Officer

University Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Macquarie Uni), Graduate Diploma in Psychology Advanced (Monash Uni)

Interests: Reading, watching anime and thrift shopping

Favourite Sport: Ice hockey

Favourite Food Dish: Kare-kare (Filipino dish) and Korean BBQ

Anything Else? I’m incredibly passionate about youth mental health and representation of diverse young people in Western Sydney, so I’m beyond excited to be working with and for the students at Penrith High J

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Mr Alanur Akand

Previous School: Al-Faisal College.

Subject Area: TAS

University Education: Bachelor of Information Technology, Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, Graduate Diploma in Teaching.

Interests: Painting, Gardening, Travelling

Favourite Sport: Cricket

Favourite Food Dish: Chicken Biriyani

Big picture

Mr Darwin Dos Santos Mendoza

Previous School: Erskine Park High School

Subject Area: Science

University Education: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Interests: Applied Sciences, Psychology and Music.

Favourite Sport: Judo and Jiu Jitsu

Favourite Food Dish: Beef ribs asado. Argentinian style barbecue.

Anything Else: I am excited to be a part of PSHS exceptional school culture and history.


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SRC PRESIDENT 2021-2022 - Milvia Mathew Yr 10

Big picture

SRC VICE PRESIDENT 2021-2022 - Iman Dirron Yr 10

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Messages from the Prefect Leaders

The Prefect body recently elected the leadership team for 2021/22 (as mentioned in detail above):


Gabriel Cant

Andre Dubier

Vice Captains

Veerja Patel

Joshua Gange

Senior Prefects

Rachel Mathew

Athena Xin Tian Auw

As school captains, we have been actively involved in the construction of a strategic plan for the PSHS Leadership Team in 2021-22, focusing on the three key objectives of maximising student wellbeing, improving community spirit, and creating platforms for academic collaboration. Currently, we are seeking student input through questionnaires and focus groups to plan for the development and implementation of leadership initiatives in 2022. In the meantime, our focus is on the delivery of key events like Orientation Day, Graduation Night, and Presentation Day, as we look forward to the very special and highly memorable conclusion of the school year. - Gabe and Andre

We are extremely privileged to have the opportunity to serve the school as vice captains. Our role involves liaising with the prefect body in order to ensure the achievement of key objectives within the school. Currently, we are focusing on assisting with Graduation Night and Presentation Day. Throughout the year, our goals are to increase inter-grade communication and revive school spirit! The events we look forward to throughout the year are the PAT(Prefect Afternoon Tea) and the Year 12 Formal. We hope to interact with the school and wider community and make many new friends, from both junior and senior year groups! - Veerja and Josh

The main role of the Senior Prefects is to work with the other leadership bodies across the school, to organise events and other programs in order to promote school spirit and inter-grade collaboration. We are currently working with the SRC and House Captains for 12 Days of Christmas and we expect the event to be a huge success! Alongside this, we are working with several other prefects to add the final touches on the annual Towers Magazine, which is to be released early next year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the new edition of this eight decade chronicle! - Rachel and Athena

Faculty Prefects

We hope everyone has been doing well throughout this month. We (Rionne, Riya and Shreya) would like to introduce ourselves as the selected Faculty Prefects for 2021/2022. Our roles include working with all of the 9 school faculties to plan for and organise faculty-base initiatives. Currently, we are planning on re-establishing some of the clubs and extracurricular activities, which had been disrupted by the lockdown, and are striving for more active student participation, allowing students to showcase their wonderful talents. Additionally, we’re intending to develop a centralised system for peer tutoring amongst various faculties, in order to provide effective academic support to all students, through which they can collaborate collectively and enrich their knowledge. If you have any questions or suggestions about faculty events, initiatives or anything else, please feel free to come and talk with us. We hope you have an enjoyable end to this year and we look forward to organising more fun events throughout the next semester.

Shreya Patel, Rionne Bondal, Riya Jain.

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Social Justice and Equality Prefects

We are the social justice team, a team striving for equity and fairness within the school community and beyond. We are a three member team, composed of Alisha Ahmed, Samantha Buda and Halis Rishamsulkamal. Currently, we are undergoing intensive fundraising for the Blue Mountains Shoebox Project. This involves collecting shoe boxes and donations such as toys, toiletries, stationary and clothing which will later be donated to provide a warm welcome to children and young people seeking refuge and asylum in Australia at Christmas. By participating in this fundraiser, Social Justice Prefects hope the Penrith community has a chance to reflect on and appreciate their lives and participate in giving back to a wider community. Stay tuned for more fundraisers as we seek to fulfill our goal of increasing gratitude within our community and raising awareness on injustice.

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School Functions Report

The School Functions team is a part of the 2021/22 Prefect Body and has been recently reformed with the members Luke Byun, Shivangi Agnihotri and Christopher Kwon. We specialise in organising large-scale events that sometimes collaborate with other schools.

Although you haven’t heard from us in a while, we’re in the process of working with the other prefects on some exciting events in the future! Right now, the main event that we are planning includes Year 12 Graduation at the end of this term and Prefect Afternoon Tea around somewhere early next year. We can’t wait to engage and organise these amazing events and are hoping to share our experiences with the school!

We will work hard to commit to our responsibilities and hope that you hear from us soon. Until then, please ensure to stay safe during COVID times and have a very Merry Christmas!

School Functions Prefects

Luke Byun, Shivangi Agnihotri and Christopher Kwon

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Enrichment Prefects

We are Arya Chavan, Seniru De Silva, and Eric Ruan, the new Enrichment Prefects. We are responsible for allowing students to explore their personal interests outside of normal school hours and to enjoy their school life to the fullest. The initial plan is to start working on peer tutoring programs. Right now, peer tutoring for each subject is handled by its respective individual faculty, and while this has worked in the past, it creates issues with planning and communication between faculties, and lacks a needed structure. By unifying the faculties under one peer tutoring program, the enrichment prefects, along with the academic and faculty teams, will be able to reach more students and cater for their individual needs. The enrichment prefects are also responsible for the many extracurricular activities that our school holds. In the past, our school has participated in CAPA Enrichment organised by Mr Vassallo and LOTE competitions organised by Miss Pipio. For this year we plan to continue with these initiatives but also incorporate more STEM based competitions into the program. As more of these competitions and activities start to become organised, the Enrichment Prefects will be passing on this information through, emails and messages on assembly, to encourage more students to get involved. So be sure to look out for these announcements...

Big picture

Academic Prefects

Upon returning back to school, the prefects have been able to work more closely together. Some changes have been implemented within the prefect body too, welcoming our new prefect executives as well as re-organising teams.

The new Academic Prefect team consists of Zoe Elizalde, Papri Mallick and Olivia Lee. Despite the short amount of time we have been in this team, we have already been able to work together on major school events such as Orientation Day. Collaboratively with the executive prefects, multimedia team, 2021-2022 peer support leaders and Mr Serrato, we have been involved in the process of organising the Orientation Day event for the incoming 2022 year 7 and years 8-11 transfer students. Preparing for this school event has become a major responsibility for not only us, but all student leaders. Throughout our preparation, we were able to further consider our leadership skills, reflecting on how we could serve the school as true leaders. Organising this event has been crucial to us as it is our first event as a new academic prefect team. Thus through this experience, we were able to further acknowledge our duty and service as student leaders. We are honoured to have been trusted and selected from the student leader body to run this event under Mr Serrato's guidance. The great efforts of the multimedia team and new peer support leaders don’t go unnoticed. We would like to thank them for their organisation and leadership skills they have displayed throughout our absence during our exam block!

Stay tuned for the upcoming events that we are yet to plan and organise!

Academic Prefects

Olivia Lee, Papri Mallick and Zoe Elizalde

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Please tap the button below to hear the episode of Penrith Perception


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2021 Year 12 Adviser Report – “The Final Farewell”

It was an absolute pleasure to watch this amazing group of young people finish their HSC and graduate earlier this month. I have a few words for Year 12 but I would be remiss in not making some short acknowledgements first. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well similarly it takes a whole school to educate and guide one. While I have been their Year Adviser for 6 years, I am but one of the team, so my thanks go to Mark Long, Principal, who had led us through the most troubled waters and inspired all to strive for the highest; to Brian Ferguson, Deputy Principal Year 12, my main partner in crime in keeping everything ticking over and supporting every student. I also would like to thank Carol Wallace and Konny Kwiet, who took over as relieving Year Adviser during the periods I was on maternity leave. Today’s achievements and successes are a credit to them as well. My thanks also go to Tom Hoekstra, Dimity Scardanas and Stephanie Micallef as Academic Advisers of Stage 6 who went above and beyond to help guide every student to be a better own self in the last 2 years. And of course, my thanks go to each and every teacher, Counsellor, Careers Adviser, Learning Support Coordinator and SASS member who have similarly supported these wonderful students across the last 6 years.

And to Year 12 - You have been my constant for the last 6 years and you will undoubtedly leave a hole in my teaching life that no other cohort will be able to replace. In saying that, however, I also couldn’t be more excited for you and send you along with my sincerest best wishes. Just remember, this is not the end, this is only the end of the beginning. So much lies ahead of you and there are still so many paths you can take. Just know, as you move along that path, you will always be remembered here. So, in my final address to you all, I wanted to share some final memories – this is a dedication to the Class of 2021.

A Dedication to the Class of 2021

This is a story all about how

We met Sai, Hemish, Aayushi and Annabel Zhao

January 29 was the momentous day

When we met Vidit, Dhanesh, Christina, Jamieson and Shrey

It was a day to remember, your PHS introduction,

By recess you were called to your first evacuation

That was your first chance to show us your resilience

It wasn’t too long before we also saw your brilliance

You were soon back in class with Miss Butcher, Young and Bales

Kai, Jola, Ann and Mandy I’m sure all have tales

Soon came peer support, swim school and camp

For me it’s when Daniel Biswas was revealed as a champ

By the time the end of Term 3 came along

Ayesha, Shuvoraj, Aamir, Barathkumar, and the rest, had all met Mr Long

The year ended with a JRC project at a hurtling pace

When Ankith, Ram, Tanisha, Susan and the team, staged an Amazing Race

In Year 8, in ‘17, we met Leeanna Yao

I went on leave and Miss Wallace showed you how

In Year 9 we met new friends before the year was through

Anav, Savera, Rida and, of course, Jasmine Zhu

Rynan, Rishabh, Eklavya and Alison gave us a go

It was this year we met future Senior Prefect, Alyna Arago

Nethmi, Lila, Archanaa T, that’s not all

We also met Chitvan, Jovel, Riddhi and Aakrist Nepal

Year 9 camp was a trek, you slept on hard ground

Darren bought a whole pumpkin, Rohit and Hana limped around

Your final go at NAPLAN was finally here

I’m sure you all joined Yayjin, Matthew and Megha in giving a big cheer

In 2019, you were all in Year 10

Sara, Ramica, Bubleen and Nevil all joined us then

So did Jasmine A and Michaella to round out the team

That already featured Flynn, Ishaya, Adrian, Cathy and Tanzeem

New shirts, new canteen line, wasn’t it sweet

I left you again, this time in the hands of Miss Kwiet

In Year 11 things kicked off, we welcomed Haryum, Siddak, Ziyan and Preetam,

As well as Wardha, Saket, Diya, Samirul and Nashrah Alam

Camp was a hoot, the boys won the challenge

Better luck next time Samuel, Godwyn, Noor, Harshini and Naman

Some time at the beach, entertained by Jumanji 2

I hope you enjoyed it Ariana, Jai and Frank Liu

We learned to study and to sleep and you didn’t make a fuss

When the trip took a bit longer due to a broken down bus

Now in 6 years it wasn’t all camps and studying and classes

In many other fields these guys showed us their prowess

If you’re talking about running then Luke set the pace

Followed closely by Nick and Marco to finish off the race

Evie was our dancer, and as for the cricket

No one could get past Sinduja at the wicket

For grade sport Jahin, Izabelle and Durga gave their best

Ravin, Eugene and Jaden put the pool blocks to the test

Miss Kwiet won’t let me forget the game of skill – Chess

So, shout out to the talents of Fabien, Rana, Arnav and Yaejnesh

Olivia, Jamima, Jasraj and Vishwa fought off the haters

As a very successful PHS team of debaters

Ana and Lachlan’s musical talents couldn’t be higher

Rebecca, Varsha and Tamara excelled in the choir

For the school club experience and giving back to the community

Ethan, Jahnavi, Ron, Heethavan and Jolene uphold the school unity

Memorable mentions for overall awesomeness go out to Victoria, Alex and Irene Santillan

As well as to the achievements of Beonrik, Manaswini and Hexuan Zhang

On behalf of the school, I’ll apologise to the following students

For any mix ups that may have occurred without our intent

As there are a few that are called the same

But they all have shown us that they’re more than a name

There are 2 Robins, 2 Simons, 4 Aryans, that is sure

2 Shrethas, 4 Singhs, 2 Isaacs, 2 Kaurs

Don’t forget the Patels, the Nicoles, the Darrens, the Jasmines and the Nairs

The Prasads, the Shahs, the Daniels and the Kumars, to be fair.

Whether your name is Anang or Prithviraaj or Royce, remember, you’re more than one of the crowd

And in Keeno and Minuli and Mystica, in fact in you all, we couldn’t be more proud

So, we have finally gotten to Year 12 with its trials and tribulations

However you look at it, it deserves a celebration

This year, the last one to join us was Zaid Tamim

And the grade was not hesitant in welcoming him in

In Year 12, you all led the school, Ashvini and Kokulaan the Captains

Liz and Shameer as well, the Vice Captains of champions

Joining Alyna as Co-Senior Prefect, was the compassionate Zach Wan

The prefect team also benefited from the talents of Maddy, Cedric, Yash, Abhijith and Paul Sebastian

As House Captains, Rohit, Jen, Rynan, Alison, Guntash and Vedika were awesome

But no one can beat Jerald and Ashley as my home team captains of Lawson

We had some fun times, we got our last cross country, athletics and swim in the pool

But one final highlight was the inaugural victory at Quad Schools

Year 12 has been tough, or at least one to remember

Ansh, Anaf, Navi and Sujanthan I’m sure are happy it’s December

The HSC is over and soon you’ll be on your way

To the next step in your journey and that journey starts today

So, my last words of advice as we put this high school chapter on the shelf

Be kind, work hard and always be true to yourself

Susie Grice

Year 12 Adviser 2021

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Mathematics Update

Euler, Gauss and Noether Enrichment results are back for 2021 and our students did quite well especially considering that Term 3 was taught online. The Year 8 students competed in Euler, the Year 9 students competed in Gauss and the Year 10 students competed in Noether. The best of the results are:

Year 8 Euler

Preksha Shah – Distinction

Rupali Wadwa – Credit

Jonathan Sarayar – Credit

Arunabh Ganguly – Credit

Fatiha Hoque – Credit

Arooran Muhundan – Credit

Nabiha Rumey-Jiffrey – Credit

Year 9 Gauss

Sanskar Tibile – Credit

There are still a few places remaining if your student would like to join the Enrichment program for 2022. Just send me an email and I will add them to the list.

AMC results

This year was the first time that we did it online. As a school our results were extremely pleasing. We achieved 16 High Distinctions, 180 Distinctions, 320 Credits and the rest were either Proficiency or Participation. The High Distinction certificates were handed out on Wednesday Assembly in Week 10. The remaining certificates were handed out in their Mathematics classes.

The High Distinctions were:

Niall Stewart Year 7

Avaneesh Alajpur Year 7

Jai Wadhwa Year 9

Satvik Warrier Year 9

Tanish Patel Year 10

Tamiz Rumey Jiffrey Year 10

William Chen Year 10

Eljohn Mercado Year 10

Samin Syed Year 10

Timothy Quinn Year 10

Umar Anwar Year 10

Quintin Handley Year 10

Pranav Balachandar Year 10

Samuel Pan Year 10

Harrison Shi Year 11

Gurveer Singh Year 11

“Best in school” was awarded to Niall Stewart for the best overall highest standardized score.

Year 10 have been working on their STEAM project and the Grand Final will be held on Monday Week 11. Year 7 have been working on their research tasks and they should be finished by Tuesday Week 11.

On behalf of the Mathematics Faculty, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! We hope you all have a great break, relax and stay safe. We will see you all in 2022!!


Mrs Sue Briggs

Head Teacher Mathematics

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Niall Stewart "Best in School' for AMC 2021

Big picture

Satvik Warrier and Jai Wadhwa - High Distinctions in AMC 2021

Congratulations Year 12 CAPA Students!

On behalf of the entire CAPA faculty, I would like to invite you to view the Year 12 Music Showcase and Year 12 Visual Arts Virtual Exhibition.

Year 12 Music Showcase - just click play.

Year 12 Visual Arts Exhibition - the easiest way to access it is to click on the link and use the next arrow to move through the space

Thank you to Ms Annabel Goodman and Ms Laura Clarke for putting these showcases together to allow us to celebrate the work that Year 12 students achieved through a highly disrupted year due to remote learning. Beyond the showcases, they worked consistently throughout the year to guide students through the courses. Also, thank you to Mr Jack Rolls and Mr Iain Wallace who also provided feedback and support behind the scenes.

From these exhibitions, we are excited to announce that Leeanna Yao was nominated for Encore for her performance in Music 2 and Preetam Telugu was nominated for Encore for his performance in Music 1. While neither were successful in their nomination, to be nominated alone is a massive achievement.

Anthony Vassallo

Head Teacher Creative & Performing Arts

Hawkesbury Gazette's Design An Ad Competition

During remote learning, students in Year 7 Visual Arts students submitted entries for the Hawkesbury Gazette's Design An Ad Competition. Within this competition, students are allocated a brief from a local business and they design an ad based on the information provided and their own research into the business.

From our entries, Stacey Gongupalli was awarded 3rd in the high school division.

In addition to this, the following students received highly commended/ runner-up recognition Heer Panchel, Aksheeka Aksheeka, Aurchisha Kundu, Garv Kathuria, Kavya Patel, Neeti Patel, Shubham Arrani, Methuki Wanniarachchi, Shirina Madupalli, Sumindri Fernando, Angela Joby, Srushti Rao, Mugdha Mandadi, Ashlyn Chacko & Cailtn Huynh.

Please visit

A massive thank you to the entire CAPA Faculty for guiding the students through practical artmaking tasks remotely and to Lisa Andreatta who passed this opportunity on to us. ​​

A huge congratulations to all the students!

Anthony Vassallo

CAPA Head Teacher

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English Speaking Competitions

Ambeikaa Mishra and Himani Bhandari from Year 10 competed in the Plain English Speaking Competition Local Final held at Penrith Anglican School. Ambeikaa (pictured) was selected to go through to the next round held at the Arts Unit.

Zoya Sajid from Year 8 competed in the Legacy Public Speaking Competition, submitting an online video entry.

Both competitions were run by the NSW DET Performing Arts Unit. Plain English is for 15+ while Legacy is for 14 and under. Schools can only enter two students for each competition and several more students tried out. The girls selected showed dedication and promise.

They are all regarded as having participated in Local Finals (even though Zoya's was online). Ambeikaa went through to the Regional Finals.

There are no further competitions this year, but all the girls were praised and encouraged to try again next year.

All were dedicated, confident and sophisticated in their presentations, spending many Thursday mornings refining their speeches with Mrs Dalby.

Teacher/Librarian Update

It is hard to believe that we have almost reached the end of the school year, and my first term at Penrith Selective High School. I have spent my time getting to know the students and find out what they want and need from their school library. One of the things that I have been delighted with is the way in which students, in all years, borrow and read widely.

Roald Dahl once said, “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books”. I for one support this idea wholeheartedly and there is a significant amount of research that unequivocally supports the extensive benefits of reading for pleasure. One of the ways in which our students read widely is through participation in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is exactly that, a challenge, and not a competition, in which students in years 7-9 must read 20 books that include choices from a set list as well as books that are personal choice. This year the Challenge ran from March until August and there were 36 students from Penrith Selective High School who participated. All students received a certificate, and we had several who were awarded with Gold certificates for 4 consecutive years participating and Platinum certificates for 7 years.

When a student participates every year from Year 3 to Year 9, they are awarded a Premier’s Reading Challenge Medal and this year we would like to congratulate the following 4 students who received this award:

Abdul Bah

Harry Le

Kohul Muraletharan

Narain Srinivasan

Well done to all who participated!

As Dr Seuss said, “The more you read the more you know, the more you know, the more you grow" and who can argue with the good doctor? I encourage you all to come to the library for your holiday reading inspiration.

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and hope that you all get to enjoy time with family and friends and hopefully reading a good book or two, three, four.......

Lisa Roberts

Teacher Librarian PSHS

Premier's Reading Challenge Award Presentation

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Debating Update

The usual Premier’s Debating Challenge was cancelled for this year. However, it was replaced by ‘The World’s Biggest Debate’ for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. There were two different versions of this competition with a Year 7 + 8 division and a Year 9 + 10 division. In this competition each school picks one speaker to represent their team and they compete against all the other schools in the state in a continuous debate. Each school would logon to the Zoom call, hosted by the Arts Unit, and they would log on to listen to the team before them, they would listen to their speech, when they were done they would go into a breakout room to get feedback from an adjudicator, and the next team would logon to listen to the debate, and the team who just listened would rebut and present substantive for their side of the debate.

For the Year 7+8 division of the competition the topic was ‘That we should ban all social media for people under 18.’ Our Year 7 team selected Mitali Garg to represent their team in the World’s Biggest Debate. The adjudicators were impressed by her skills already demonstrated in year 7. Our Year 8 team selected Barenya Satapathy to represent their team in the World’s Biggest Debate. She was highly praised by the adjudicators.

For the Year 9+10 division of the World’s Biggest Debate the topic was ‘That Australia should ban gambling on sports.’ Our Year 9 team selected Cassidy Lauguico to represent their team. She was highly commended by the adjudicators. Year 10 selected Krish Gupta to represent their team. He was selected as one of the top 8 speakers in the state, allowing them to continue to the State Finals of this competition where they returned to traditional debates with teams of four.

In their State Quarter Final against Wollongong High School of The Performing Arts the topic was ‘That all students should have to learn a trade throughout high school.’ Penrith were the negative in this debate and through a well reasoned case that explored the benefits of the existing status quo won this debate quite convincingly.

In their State Semi Final against Sydney Boys High School the topic was ‘That unvaccinated students should have to learn from home as of Term 2 2022.’ Penrith was again the negative in this debate. The key clash in this debate was the competing issues of health and safety versus the impacts to education outcomes. In a well fought debate from both teams Penrith were narrowly defeated by Sydney Boys High School.

Overall, this was a great achievement by the Penrith team to get to the State Semi Final and be one of the last 4 teams in the state still competing in the competition. Over the course of the year this team has improved significantly through having regular debates. If they continue this moving forward they will be a formidable debating team representing Western Sydney.

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Chess Club Report

Thank you to all of the players who have supported the Chess Team this year. Thank you to those teachers and parents who have played a massive part in enabling our teams to play in the interschool tournaments. This year has been another where we have not been able to play to our full potential as a result of COVID-19, however we would like to extend our congratulations to all three of our Chess Teams, Junior, Intermediate and Senior for excelling in the Interschool Chess Tournament. The Junior Team are division Champions and will receive their trophies at a Final Assembly.

Goodbye to our senior year 12 players of Keeno Mendoza, Jamima Rumey Jiffrey, Rana Singh and Aditya Kumar as well as our Chess Club and Team Assistant Cedric Kutschera. Thank you for your hard work!

We look forward to new and old players joining the Chess Team in the upcoming year, and working to bring our Penrith Chess Team forward. Thank you again Ms. Kwiet, for all of your hard work in supporting the Team and the Chess Club, to foster interest in Chess throughout the school.

We hope the whole school enjoys the break.

Warm regards from the Chess Club,

Cedric Kutschera and Ms. Kwiet.

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

A 2021 summary

The 2021 Duke of Ed year began with the 2020 Gold family participating in their qualifying journey to Kosciuszko National Park. Here they learnt the importance of acknowledging group safety due to inclement weather, and how to modify plans when such events happen. The group collaborated, discussing elements of risk and how best to avoid them by modifying their original plan.

4 days of awesome teamwork and fun adventures were had.

Upon return from this, the start of the 2021 Gold, Silver and Bronze cohorts began!

The Gold group have maintained their hours for their individual three sections, they have looked at different residential options that they find interesting, ready to undertake them when they choose. They have also planned and prepared for their practice journey, a bit of the bush a bit of the beach, and their qualifying journey, to the Warrumbungle NP. These are planned for early next year.

The inaugural Silver Duke of Ed Elective class.

This year they developed communication, teamwork, goalsetting and leadership skills just to name a few. Activities such as shelter building, knot tying, navigation and other campcraft activities were practically applied in class time, as well as the theoretical application learnt behind such skills. All students received their First Aid qualifications and are well under way within their Silver Award hours. Unfortunately, Adventurous Journeys could not be completed this year, but the class have planned and prepared for both their practice and qualifying, to be held early next year.

The Bronze cohort of 2021 is the largest intake of students to date since the Duke of Edinburgh Award was started at Penrith. Despite the hardships endured and the unpredictability of the year, many of these students have developed persistence and resilience and are on their way to completing their Award. Some have even finished it and have transitioned into Silver already!

The highlights of my year as Award Leader:

- 1) The Gold Kosciusko trip. Despite the stresses, the comaraderie within this group was amazing.

- 2) Watching the Elective class turn from an eclectic mix of students into a group many may define as ‘family’. Their problem-solving skills has been pure entertainment at times, in the end, they always figure out any problem given to them.

- 3) The Penrith Dream team: group of 8 girls have been organising fundraising activities for the Dreams2Live4 charity as their Service activity. Along the way they are learning event management skills and how to work with others, both within and outside of school.

- 4) The individual development students display when moving through the Award. It’s hard to explain, but students can feel it too as they grow as individuals and develop their individual skill set.

- 5)Signing off students when they have completed their Award. Especially the 2021 Bronze students who began earlier this year and have demonstrated commitment and consistency and the ability to achieve despite adversity.

Ms L Andreatta

Award Leader

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Penrith Dream Team Update


We are the Penrith Dream Team who are holding a fundraising event to support the Dreams2live4 charity. We are doing this as part of our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Service. Dreams2Live4 is an organization that enables adults living with metastatic cancer to experience their dream, no matter how big or small it may be, like getting a dog or meeting their favourite sports team. We will be holding a lawn bowling event early next year called Bowl4Dreams at the Penrith Bowling Club in order to raise money to support a dreamer. The Dream Team at Penrith High School are the first school students to hold a Bowl4dreams event as it is a pilot program in schools. We hope to inspire many more high schools and future grades to hold such events in the future.

Just recently the Penrith Dream Team partnered up with the S.R.C to hold a lolly jar Guessing Competition. All grades and teachers participated in the competition and many donations were made. We congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants for their donations. The Dream Team were also able to talk to the deputies about the wonderful cause of Dreams2live4. The Penrith Dream Team will also be putting up many posters for our Bowl4dreams event during this week so we would appreciate it if teachers and students can have a look at them. We would also like to say a big thank you to Ms Lisa Andreatta and Kerry Seymour-Smith who is a volunteer from Dreams2Live4 who assists us on holding these events. Please feel free to ask any questions about the event or the initiative of Dreams2live4. For more information please visit


Penrith Dream Team

Year 9 (Amiya Joshi, Anchita Eranki, Haripriya Mehta, Krithika Sujendran,

Kyra Srinivas, Sri Vidya Ratnesan, Swatthi Ilango and Trisha Sheth)

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Welcome to Orientation Day by Soo Jung Yoo

Good morning everyone, my name is Soo Jung and I am the Leader of the Multimedia leadership space.

I would like you to look to the person to your right, and your left and realise that these are the individuals that you will learn, grow and accomplish many great achievements throughout the following 6 years at Penrith Selective High. Congratulations! As a Penrith student from year 7 myself, I can look back to my Orientation Day in 2017, where I was in those seats that you guys are sitting in right now, and can recall the emotions of nervousness as I had no idea what I was getting myself into. And I was right, I didn’t. Neither do you nor anyone for that matter. But I believe that is what makes this high school journey so significant and memorable. So, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all, and provide a quick insight into our school community, spirit and leadership that is valued here.

If you look at your nametags, each of you will find a small coloured sticker beside your names - either Blaxand yellow, Lawson red, Mitchell blue or Wentworth green. That colour represents the house that you will be in through high school for whole school events such as sports carnivals, Halloween competitions and so much more. This sense of sustaining and encouraging school spirit is integrated into the multiple facets of our school, essentially shaping a significant portion of your experiences. This is because we recognise the importance of building inter-grade familiarity and support. We have inter-grade peer tutoring groups between senior and junior students and ranges of leaders across grades, working collectively to produce work that resonates with the synergy of thoughts and passions of all students in Penrith High. So as you become a Penrith Selective student, acknowledge the integrated and cohesive connections of not only the student body but with staff across all aspects of the school. We are one community and every student’s journey will be supported through challenges and opportunities for growth and personal development as you will for others who come after you.

Our school is unique in the fact that in addition to the focus on academics as a selective school, we equally or more so value a community that is student driven, valuing and emphasising student voice. There are many clubs, the majority student driven and encompassing a wide range and variety of skills, passions and societal contributions. If you’re into Chess, we have chess clubs and competitions, Debating, Photography and Social Justice if you’re interested. But that's just skimming the surface of it. In my experience, joining these clubs or enrichment programs is the perfect opportunity to develop soft skills - skills that are being increasingly sought in the world beyond school. These would include effective communication, teamwork and empathy. Having been a part of Breakfast Club, Recycling Club and leading Photography Club, I have developed better time management, organisation and a sense of giving back to the community which I highly value as a Penrith student. Hence, I strongly encourage each and every one of you to join clubs and enrichment programs to enhance your personal development for life-long skills and further challenge what you are capable of.

This student agency is pivotal to the philosophy of Penrith Selective High School. As the new cohort of 2022, you bring with you the potential to channel your distinct understandings and ideas to shape the culture of the school. A key factor of Penrith's culture that is unique amongst the schools in NSW is the endless opportunities for leadership positions. The key ones being SRC, Prefect and Multimedia, however for year 7s, the JRC, Junior Representative Council, is specific for introducing year 7 leaders into the collective leadership space. I strongly urge everyone to apply for formal leadership roles as it will critically and emotionally challenge you to become the best version of yourselves. However, I would also like to reiterate that along with the rest of Penrith, every individual is a student leader either with or without a formal role. In my understanding, a student leader is one who is constantly seeking improvement in both personal and school environments, and seeing all of you here makes me excited for what you guys will bring to the table.

Finally, I would like to re-assure you that regardless of how apprehensive you may currently be feeling, that Penrith is an incredibly caring & diverse community and support will be available in every step of your transition into the school. Today you are to be guided by your peer mentors, however over the next 6 months you will also form connections with the Transition Adviser, your Year Adviser, and the numerous peers who are all too happy to help out when you need a pointer about where a classroom is or how something works. I personally don’t think a more accepting school exists in the state and know that each of you will fit in seamlessly amongst the student body.

I look forward to seeing all of you around and hope that you enjoy your day.

Thank you and welcome.

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SRC Events 2021


Halloween was an event for students to engage in after transitioning back to face to face learning. Students dressed up in any Halloween themed mufti showing up with some really creative and scary outfits. We also ran a Halloween Mask Competition where students were allowed to let their creative juices flow and either decorate a normal mask or make one on their own. We would like to congratulate the following winners, Jerrin Jomon 7ENG3, Cassidy Languico 9ENG1 and Jayden Kumarage 10ENG3 for their creative and very artistic designs.

World Teachers Day

The students at Penrith High are lucky to have such hard working and amazing teachers who have guided us and aided us to become smarter and more mature students. The SRC alongside the Prefects collated a video message(see last month's newsletter) to show our gratitude to all the wonderful teachers of Penrith High School. Once again, we would just like to say thank you for the continuous support we have received and for making our classes as enjoyable and educational as possible.

12 Days of Christmas

The ‘12 Days of Christmas’ is an exciting time to embrace the Christmas spirit and celebrate a wonderful year of hard work and diligence. Our wonderful students, teachers and staff joined together through fun activities, challenges and decorations, which uplifted our school spirit with bright colours.

Day 1 started off with a bang as the school saw merry decorations as students were encouraged to brighten up our school with a variety of Christmas decorations such as baubles, tinsel and ribbons.

Day 2 was a Lolly Guessing Competition in which we worked with Ms Andreatta and the Dream Team to help raise money for Dreams2Live4 charity.

Day 3 saw a handful of talented students create artistic and fabulous pieces of art for the Art Competition.

Day 4 was a challenging scavenger hunt, where clues were placed around each grade’s respective area and their goal was to be the first one to find the hidden elf to win a prize! On day 5, the SRC hired some of Santa’s trusty elves to deliver candy canes with messages to the teachers and students.

Following after, on Day 6 we had a photo booth set up where you could capture fun memories with all of your friends, this was a great success!

Day 7 was the Jingle Guessing Competition.

Day 8 (the mini House Cup) was moved to be combined with day 12.

On day 9, students were wearing all kinds of Christmas accessories, uplifting the Christmas spirit!

A Christmas Trivia was held on day 10.

On day 11, students wore their “ugliest” Christmas sweater with their gold coin donations. The donations were donated to a special Christmas charity.

Finally, on day 12 we held a Christmas Fair!

After a very exhilarating and enthralling ‘12 Days of Christmas’ we hope the SRC has successfully promoted the Christmas spirit through fun events, activities and captured long lasting memories of our wonderful time at Penrith. Despite unexpected weather and strict COVID restrictions the SRC persevered to still maintain the popular Penrith High tradition. All members of the SRC worked very hard to make the last few days at school of 2021 as exciting and memorable as possible. From the SRC Representatives of 2021/2022, we would like to show our appreciation to our wonderful SRC Coordinator Mrs Xiberras who has had a huge impact on the team and we hope that the wider school community will look forward to many more events coming in 2022!!!


Semester 1 of 2022 looks like a time of many new opportunities and exciting events. So get ready Penrith High, for many events and fun days such as Multicultural Day, School Spirit Week and much more!! The SRC would like to wish all students and staff a great Christmas and Happy New Year, stay safe and have fun!!

By Hillary Gosal, Akash Godiyal and Riyanna Bandara Lokuge.


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SRC working on the kindness wall for Christmas

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Students guessing for the Lolly Guessing Competition

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Many students were involved in the Scavenger Hunt

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Candy Cane Delivery - Day 5

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Christmas Elves making a delivery to the library

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Mufti Fun!

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Guess who???

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African Drumming Workshop

During the African Drumming Workshop, we learnt the different tones that we could create on the Djembe. As well as two drumming patterns that we played in unison together, which created interesting and distinct rhythmic patterns, which are different from Western music. Despite our hands were starting to hurt, it was a valuable and fun workshop to participate in and it allowed me to find a new appreciation of music and culture across the world.

Cassidy Lauguico

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The Acrobatics/Physical Theatre Workshop

The physical theatre workshop was really cool. It was put on by the Swoop Physical Theatre Company. it was fun to learn how to do tricks, although, the most fun part was being able to work effectively with my peers to create lifts.

Merissa Makil Year 8

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School Captains Book in Celebration of our 70th Anniversary

At the time of this edition being produced the first edition of the school's Captains Book has gone to the printers. (Please see above for the cover and an example of the a page for our 1950 Captains)

Nonetheless, we would still like to hear further from the Captains listed below.


The school is gathering information about all of our past captains. The plan is to create a book which has the male and female captain for each year on a double page. There will be the name and year on each page. Each page is intended to have a school photo of the captain (when actually the captain) and a more recent photo beside it.

Underneath this will be four questions:

1. What is your best memory of Penrith High School?

2. What did you think you would be doing after you left high school?

3. What are you doing now?

4. What is the best advice you could give to current PHS students?

We may be able to get some of these responses from the profiles in the back of The Towers but would enjoy hearing from as many former captains or their families as possible.

If you were a past captain or family member could you forward a suitable photo and your responses to the four questions. This will be passed on.

If you know the contact details of any past captain could you pass this information onto the school via the school email and mark it attention to Cathie Fayle in the library

The intention is to present the First Edition of the Captains Book to the school late 2021 in celebration of our 70th Anniversary with copies for sale and one to be placed in the school foyer.

We still need to hear from: Please note the asterisk means deceased

Robert Smyth 1951 ‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

Pat Parkinson 1951

Dennis Harrison* 1953 ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎

Margaret Eckford* 1953

Brian Bowles 1954‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎

Margaret Schubach 1954

Vida Vladickaite* 1955

Kenneth Smith 1956

Suzette Brown 1956

Doug Taylor 1957

Noelene Neville 1957

Lee Carroll 1958

Aina Alnis 1958

Greg Nicholls 1960

Barbara Crossing 1961

Rex Kinder 1964

Kim Longmore* 1965

Christine Borec 1967

Darryl Honeysett 1970

Margot Jensen 1970

Anic Vasic 1972

Stephen Cowan 1976

Joanne Wickes 1976

Elizabeth Doyle 1978

Gary Smith 1979

Elizabeth Jones 1979

Glen Bootle 1981

Michael Wholohan 1983

Carol Harris 1983

Andrew Thompson 1984

Nancy Thonton 1984

Colin Gardiner 1985

Marina Marjanovic 1985

Debbie TaylorVC 1986

Amanda Gibbons VC 1986

Grant Healey VC 1987

Robert Blair-Hickman 1988

Elizabeth Gyler 1988

Adam Haines 1989

Daniel Connolly 1990

Joanne Everingham 1990

Timothy Smith 1991

Karen Miller 1991

Qinton Single 1992

Alessandria Bosso 1992

Elizabeth Marchant 1993

Chantelle Vella 1994

Erin Reimer 1996

Michael Wong 1997

Anil Mishra 2000

Rachel Rowe 2000

Jonathan Freeston 2001

Vanessa Onden Lim 2001

Renee Yates 2002

Kieran Colreavy 2003

Sarah Walker 2003

Dillon Anderiesz 2006

Matthew White 2010

Emily Stone 2010

Angelica Manlangit 2011

Jonas Thomson 2014

Grace Shalders 2014

Simone Ferreira 2015

Deaundre Espejo 2016

Abirami Raveendran 2016

Janindu Kumara-Devage 2017

Manasa Bhatt 2017

Ethan Shackley 2020

Sophia Hadjimichael 2020

Those Captains who will appear in full in the First Edition of the Captains Book:

1950 - James Smith*, Ann Combet

1952 - John Day, Jill Fraser (now Farnsworth)

1954 - Margaret Schubach

1955 - James Short*

1959 - Brian Lewis, Diana Stewart (now Van Der Zande)

1960 - Barbara Fretwell (now Piirsalu)

1961 - Robert Munro*

1962 - David Henderson-Smart*, Juliet Clark (now Lloyd)

1963 - Peter Coburn, Penny Wensley

1964 - Christine Roberts (now Walker)

1965 - Gillian Anderson (now Kahl)

1966 - Ian Coleman

1967 - Ian Coleman

1968 - Paul Hansen, Prue Charlton

1969 - Gary Nelson, Linda Carr

1970 - Margot Jensen (now Legosz)

1971 - David Dunbar, Jane Reffell

1972 - Rodney Morphett

1973 - Peter Jackson, Sandra Warn

1974 - Patrick Shiels, Ann Hardy*

1975 - Michael Rosier, Kim Chandler (now Whealey)

1977 - Merrick Spicer, Manuella Pusic

1978 - Trevor Williams

1980 - Colin McDonald, Alison Monk (now Adams)

1981 - Tracey Aldred (now Lawson)

1982 - Michael Trist, Bronwyn Chalmers

1986 - David Dawson

1987 - Stephen Keens(VC), Madeleine Pusic

1989 - Donna Healey (now Fletcher)

1990 - Tara Van Dyk (now O'Connell)

1993 - Donald Frost -Last Comprehensive

1994 - David Tucker, Chantelle Vella (now Barber- photo only) - First Selective

1995 - Rajan Thangavelu, Dawn Harrison (now Comber)

1996 - Isaac Kuruvilla

1997 - Corryn McKay

1998 - Matthew McCarron, Angela Tillot

1999 - Mark McCartney, Amy Richardson (now Munro)

2002 - Anthony Samson

2004 - Nicholas Brenner, Emma Woods

2005 - Jude Holroyd, Georgina Fuller

2006 - Kirby Bryson (now Atwood)

2007 - Martin Robinson, Meg Ebelt

2008 - Stuart Bryson, Vashti Maynard

2009 - Alvin Tan, Elizabeth Cameron

2010 - Emily Stone

2011 - Geeth Geeganage

2012 - David Stone, Imogen Clark

2013 - Ross Penninkilampi, Grace White

2015 - Simone Ferreira

2018 - Adam Evans, Grace Faulder

2019 - Soham Desai, Aryenish Kavarana.

An asterisk(*) denotes deceased

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Michael Handley - PHS -'85-'87 - Finished Army Service as a Lance Corporal


Would you like to be recognised on PHS Defence Force Service Honour Board? Or, have your friend or relative recognised who attended PHS?

The servicemen and woman shown are a few whose names have been recognised or are on the list to be updated.

If you are interested please email the school on:

Attention Cathie in the library for further details

NOTE: the school was not established until 1950 so bear this in mind

In addition, if the Alumni listed below could also reach out to update some details:

Harry Grimes

Jason Peterson

Stephen Thompson

Brian Carney

Alan Ormerod

David Stevens

Ian Dickens

Bill Wheeler

Updating Honour Boards/Sports Records

We are in the process of updating the Honour Boards in the hall.

We would like to confirm the Duxes:

1.from the 50s and early 60s (see below)

2. 1966

In Addition, we are also trying to find the Junior Sportsman and Junior Sportswoman of the year for;






If you can help please email the school on:

Attention Cathie in the library.

Thanking you

Recognition of the Duxes in the 50s and early 60s (according to Towers)

If you or someone you might know could elaborate further regarding the information below please contact Cathie in the school library or via the school email: ATTENTION Cathie

Duxes in the 50s and early 60s

During the 50s the Fletcher Award was given to students in all years to encourage them

to continue their studies. It included a monetary donation.

Students in 5th Year sat for the Leaving Certificate.

In 1950 - Margaret Duncan and Alan Holswich received the Fletcher Award in 4th Year.

In 1952 - Marcia Kirkness and John Day received the Fletcher Award in 5th Year.

John Day came 2nd in the state for Physics and Chemistry and was placed

in the top 30 in the state for the Leaving Certificate

In 1953 - M. Eckford and A. Bills received the Fletcher Award in 5th Year

In 1954 - PHS held its first Speech Day in April at the Nepean Theatre

Jocelyn Cooper and Anthony Walker received Fletcher Awards

In 1955 - Jill Reid and Anthony Walker were named Duxes of 4th Year

In 1956 - Dawn Morgan and Jim Finnimore were named Duxes of 4th Year

In 1957 - Dawn Morgan and Jim Finnimore were named Best in the Leaving Certificate

In 1958 - Joyce Anderson and Robert Cuckson were named Best in the Leaving Certificate

Robert Cuckson was mentioned in the state group of the Leaving Certificate

In 1959 - Margaret Finnimore and Michael Walker were named as Duxes of the School

In 1960 - Michael Smith and Meryl White (Prox. Acc.) were named Duxes of the School

In 1961 - Bob Munro and Yvonne Fripp (Prox. Acc.) were named Duxes of the School

In 1962 - Ian Jay was named Dux of the School

In 1963 - Elizabeth Finnimore was named Dux of the School

In 1964 - Richard Douglas was named Dux of the School

In 1965 - Herman Nacinovich was named Dux of the School

In 1966 - no Dux recorded in Towers

In 1967 - Stephen Johnson and Ian Coleman named Duxes of the School

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