Two Amazingly New Games


These Two Games are Available to Play RIGHT NOW!

Game One- Ride around a deserted island on a motorbike... Sounds fun! Collect three coins while crossing a road then get teleprted to the winning platform and collect the star and that's it you've won! Wrong!!! You MUST be carefull! The rover will defiantly run you over if your not concentrating. The coins well they are in the middle of the road in a wonky line where you are very vunerable to get run over, work that one out for yourself. And if you go anywhere near the edge of the island you will fall off the end and thats the last we'll be seeing of you!


Game Two- You are riding round an athletics track searching for stars and trying to get away from the evil rover. If you bump into the rover... OH NOO! Its game over! So you must be a very fast biker! One you have colleced the stars (YAYYY) you will get teleported to the football field. You better be good at football because you must score a goal to get teleported to the promise land. Well try it out, its a lot harder than you think. Once you have scored a goal, (GOALLL!) You will get teleported to the promise land :) Your nearly the winner!!! But watch out people are shooting missiles at you, if you are hit then you vanish... But also if you dont get round the athletics track quick enough then once you get to the football field both the football and the two goalies will be gone making it IMPOSSIBLE to score a goal. Anyway once you are at the promise land dodge out of the way and into the heart! WINNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! BTW: You have two lives. Don't waste them...

These Two Games Are Amazing... GO PLAY!


Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 10:15am

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay

Come to the launch, try out these two games. And download them on your computer with NO FEE!