Get On Board Day

Bringing the joy of D&D and board games to Sydney's homeless

What is it?

Get On Board Day is an upcoming event where D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and board game players come together for a day to share the fun and connection of those games with Sydney's homeless and disadvantaged youth.

When is it?

To be confirmed. Most likely on a weekend in late September or October 2012.

Where is it?

Also to be confirmed. It is anticipated that it will be in a community hall somewhere around Parramatta.

Why is it awesome for geeks?

Most D&D and board game players tend to stick to their small groups of friends when they play, and don't often know people in the greater tabletop-RPG and board game community, let alone get the chance to play with them.

Events like this give tabletop gamers a chance to meet like-minded people, share stories and have fun, whilst introducing their favourite games to young people who normally don't have access to such a luxury.

If you are a passionate D&D or board game player, and would love the chance to pass on your passion for the game to new players, sign up as a volunteer to help run games on the day.

We also need people who are willing to donate board games and RPG gear (dice, miniatures, etc) for use on the day.

Why homeless & disadvantaged kids?

It occurs to me that those kids who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances don't often get the chance to play these games, not to mention the fact that they are largely ignored by most of us.

I am proposing that we come together as geeks to share the love with this group of amazing kids, such that everybody comes away having had a blast, and with some of the barriers between the two groups having been dissolved. It is easy for us to sit back and be judgemental of homeless people, but I know that if we actually got over ourselves, we would find them to be an incredible bunch of people who became victims of increasingly unfortunate circumstances.

This event is a step towards compassion, understanding and bridging the gap between those of us lucky enough to have a roof over our heads and supportive home environments and those who are forced to sleep out in the cold, or who have a destructive home environment.

How much does it cost?

It's free to attend for both geeks and the homeless/disadvantaged kids, and all it will cost you is time. However, there will be an opportunity on the day to make a donation to a homeless charity if you feel so inclined.

Event Organiser

Get On Board Day was conceived of by Greg Lockwood, a 26 year old web developer in Sydney Australia. He is keen to use his passion for geeky hobbies like D&D and board games as one of the many ways that he plans to make a positive difference in the world.