Spelling Bee 2016

January 8th

Time to start preparing for the RMS Spelling Bee!

What to expect:

You'll show up at room 302 at 2:40.

There will be a 20-word written spelling test with just words from the Spell-It Book.

Each word will be read aloud and in a sentence. If requested, a definition, etymology, alternate pronunciation and/or part of speech will be given.

You'll have a brief break while the test is scored.

Anybody who scores 80% or higher will be invited to take part in the Bee.

(If you do not score 80%, we still applaud you for showing up. You will have the option to stay or to go home...)

The Bee:

You will be given a word and it will be used in a sentence.

You may also request alternate pronunciations, or the meaning, part of speech and etymology.

When you spell the word, you will SAY the word, spell it, and then say the word again.

If you need to start again, you are welcome to, but you cannot change any letters that you have already spoken.

If you mispronounce a word, you will hear a bell ring. Please sit at a side table and stay for the duration of the bee as a supportive speller.

Words for the Oral Bee will be at first from the Spell-It 2016 packet, and then from a list provided by the Spelling Bee from Merriam Webster's dictionary.

Final Round

If none of the spellers in a round spells a word correctly, all the spellers for that round are reinstated and a new round begins.

If only one speller remains in a round, that speller needs to start a new one-word round. If that word is spelled correctly, the speller is the school champion.

If that word is spelled incorrectly, all spellers who participated in the previous round are reinstated and a new round begins.

There will be one School Champion and One Runner-Up.

If the School Champion cannot make the competition in Northampton, PA, the Runner-Up will be invited.

Time Frame

Usually, the written test is over by 3:15. We don't know how long the oral Bee will go. It has ended as early as 4 and as late as 5. If you are not still competing at 4, you are welcome to quietly leave. If you are still competing at 4, we will take a brief break. If you wish for one or two family members to attend at this point, you are welcome to let them come in. Otherwise, you can text or call your family when you are done.


Please let Miss Bengels know if you are planning to participate by emailing her at ebengels@readington.k12.nj.us by January 7th at midnight.