Decluttering Thru Jewish Calendar

Webinar Starting this week: Less Stuff/More Ease

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High Holidays/High Hopes! Join me for this webinar.

When we clear out our physical space we make room for connection: with ourselves, with the Divine and with others. If you can’t find your keys to get out the door to fix this broken world, we all miss out. When you are free to bring your best self, your passion and your Torah to the world, we all benefit. This course will support you in the process of moving things out of, and energy into your home.

Through Ritualwell, I am offering monthly webinars which will provide relevant teachings to get you started and keep you flowing. For example, September sets the stage for a new year and new beginnings; in December we’ll rededicate space; and in April we’ll liberate ourselves from clutter.

Give yourself the power of a full year to create lasting change in your home. When you do, you will make more space to let your true self shine. Click here to learn more and to register!

Fall 2019: Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14

Winter 2020: Dec. 12, Jan 9, Feb 13

Spring 2020: March 12, April 2, May 14

Summer 2020: June 11, July 9, Aug 13

Ritualwell Immersions are initiatives from Ritualwell, an online home for innovative Jewish rituals. Immersions go in-depth with expert rabbis and teachers to develop personalized rituals and engage in meaningful Jewish learning.

Gari Weilbacher's DeClutter2DeLight!

In the true spirit of interconnection, I know that when your environment is clear, you are freed up to bring your best self to the world in all ways. Visit my website to learn more. You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you soon -- Gari