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Tell your dad that 8123 saved my whole life, The Maine, and John in particular. Every time I meet John, he greets me with the biggest hug, and always asks me how I am. I always tell him thank you for everything, and he in turn thanks me (seriously, he's too sweet). He wrote out my tattoo for me and I have his signature on my body for the rest of my life, and he was so excited when he saw it. He appreciates everyone who comes to his shows and I know he would appreciate having you there. <3


Basically, 8123 as a whole means everything to me. It's something my mom and I have bonded over. We both share a giant mutual love for all of the music. They're all too kind to me.

Because of 8123, I've honestly met so many cool friends over the internet! Alex, Keeley, and Kirsten, to name a few of them! They're all so sweet, and I wouldn't have met them had it not been for 8123.

Basically, overall, 8123 has given me new relationships with new people, and strengthened my bonds with the ones I already had!


This is about why Garrett, one of the bassists is her favorite

Literally I just love how (personally) relatable he is. He doesn't hide who he is and is generally just a really nice dude. He gets so excited over meeting every person and sincerely appreciates any gifts and love he receives, and always manages to return it.


Her tattoo story

So, I have The Maine's logo on the inside of my ankle because they went through so much of my life with me, and their music is the one thing that's always been a constant, so whenever I have a crappy day, I look at my little M and know that I'm not alone.

I also really want 'Identify' tattooed because that song really hits home with about not identifying with the people around me.

This isn't much, but I hope this helps somewhat and your dad lets you go! Prayers <3


Her tattoo story

So I got this tattoo after this summer (your probably already knew that but this is for Stephen) and I got it because this summer was the best summer of my life thanks to 8123. I met so many friends I knew from Twitter and made even more!! I got closer to my best friend and got closer to my fave band. And it's not just the Maine! Their crew is amazing and always so caring, all the bands in 8123 have the same great values that the Maine boys show and I love them all for it! I've never felt more at home than I do when I'm seeing the Maine or anyone in 8123.......hope that helps!!!


Her story on why Jared, one of the guitarists, is her favorite

So the first time I saw them live John said something about how Jared needs more attention and appreciation and stuff and I got really upset because he's so sweet and so nice so that was basically when he actually became my favorite person because like wtf why doesn't everyone love him!!! So then when they came out to meet fans everyone was busy waiting for pat to come over and Jared walked out and like no one went up to him, so I went over and started talking to him and we had a really long conversation and it was so nice and so great and he's just so precious. So then the next time I saw them we talked again about like random nonsense but I always remind him how important he is. And then the third time I met him, he like sorta remembered me he was like "hey!! I've seen you before!!" And it was so cute and then the third time he remembered everything and he asked how I was and about my days clean and stuff. And then warped tour happened and I brought him the gummy bears and he knew who I was the minute I walked up and I told the Guys how many days clean I was and Jared was like "dude you're doing great keep it up!!!" And then I wrote him a letter and Nina showed it to him and he texted me back from her phone and he was so happy and like it made my heart really happy. And then Keeley and Sylv got him to ft me from their phones and he was so happy to see me and all that. And then the tweet from him happened and it helped me so so much and he always helps me so so much and I'm really excited to see him again next week because he knows who I am and he remembers everything I tell him and he's just so precious :')


Her favorite personal Kennedy Brock storiies

So, the first time (that wasn't awkward) we interacted was when he gave me my first setlist at American Lines. When I talked to him after the show, I was like, "Y'all looked like you had a lot of fun tonight!" And he was like, "Yeah, so did you! That's why that's in your hands right now!" And he nodded to my setlist, then he suddenly started telling me the story of how a spider crawled on him during the set.

I didn't see him again until Dallas Warped, which is when I gave him my bracelet and asked about his wrist tattoo. That's when I was like, "If you see me in the crowd, hook me up!" And he said "I got you!" And I said "You got me?" And he said again, "I got you." And that's the day he gave me my second setlist! At the meet and greet, he wrote out "(un)lost" for me.

The next week we FaceTimed (via YOU so you know that story).

People kept mentioning me to him throughout Warped, and at Tinley Warped, I saw him, and was like, "Hey!! Do you know who I am?" And he said, "Yeah, I do, your internet presence is insane." I told him how I met all of those friends who mentioned me through 8123, and he got SO smiley after I said that.

The next day, at Minnesota Warped, we saw him and took cute pics. He told me about his brother being at the show that day, and how he'd be too busy to do Arts, Farts, and Crafts. Then, he started talking about his brother again, and how he was SO excited that he got to watch him perform for the first time in a while. Then he gave us HUGE bear hugs.

And there's plenty more stories but I feel I've overshared hahaha.


Stories about her tattoo, meeting Pat in Vegas, and her Kansas John story


ill start with the tattoo story!! i dont know if you remember this one or not, but its when he wrote my tattoo out for me in dallas! okay so when they stayed after you know i asked him and he looked at me and he said "i have to worst handwriting" and i said "its okay!" and i said please and he said "go ask that guy" and pointed to ken and started laughing and i said "no i want you to do it please pat" and he just looked at me and when i said please he took the paper and wrote it and he was focusing so hard it literally took him 5 minutes. and then when he was done i said thank you so much and he said "of course, no problem"


AND THEN the one in vegas. when we were at the hard rock and when we were first walking in all of the guys were walking out and pat just stared at us and then did a double take on us (im still shook) and then when we were standing in the casino we tried to avoid him and he stopped and said "HEY GUYS!" and wouldnt leave until we said hi and he was smiling so big, and then when we said hi he gave us a big smile and a big thumbs up!


OKAY SO it was when we were in kansas on street team so when we got in early we went right to the tent and he was sitting there and we were like hey john! and hey was like hey guys and i told him how kansas was our last warped show and we are doing street team and he goes "you guys are spending your last show doing street team?! thank you so much!" and there was a whole line of people behind us be he sat and talked to us for literally 20 minutes, we had to write there set time on these cards to hand out and i was about to start writing them and he said "no no i got it i got it" and when he was writing them he asked who else we wanted to see and i said like sio & mayday parade and he said he wanted to try and catch maydays set, and then i asked him about why they took anom off the setlist and he said "well we have so many songs, and its kind of hard to choose but we like changing it up for fans especially fans like you guys who go to alot of our shows" and i was like MY BOY and then remember when he touched my forhead and told me i needed aloe or whatever? i brought that up and i said "you told me to put aloe on and i did and it didnt work!" and he said "yeah it did it worked a little bit!" and then we were getting ready to go promo & i asked if i could leave my water at the tent and he said "oh yes of course! ill leave it right under here for you!" and then we went to promo and came back so i could get my water and he came up behind us with tanner and he put his hands on my shoulders and said "are you guys tired yet?" i was like YEAH BOI and then we saw him again when we were promoing and he goes "keep going guy you got this!!" and then in m&g he gave us literally s o many hugs for promoing and everytime he spoke he said "thank you so so much for promoing for us!!" and he just kept giving me hugs and i was like bo i omg it was so so cute i literally cried after

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Her story on why she loves Tanner, The Maine's tour manager