MAP Testing

NWEA/MAP Testing Updates

MAP Testing Window has been extended through Friday, September 28th.

Setting up Test Sessions

Hopefully, you have had a chance to set up your classes.

Grade 2 Teachers: Growth Reading or Math - Example K-2 VA 2017 (VA Standards of Learning Language Arts 2017)

Grades 3-7 Teachers: Growth Reading or Math -> Example: 2-5 VA 2017 (VA Standards of Learning Language Arts 2017)

If you are scheduling sessions in advance, consider creating easy to type names for your sessions for your classes.

If you are scheduling sessions the morning of testing, you can choose the Test Now button which will name your sessions for you.

Student Directions

IMPORTANT Change for Students on Testing Day!

Do not have students click on the NWEA button on the desktop. It will let them think they are heading into the test session and then stop them after several steps.

Instead, have students go to the lockdown browser URL by opening Google Chrome and typing this into the address bar - .

Click here for the link.

  • Be sure to click on the tiny screen and red X that appear in the upper right corner to allow pop-ups for the site to continue. Click here if you need more help with that.
  • Remember they will need the session name and password from you to sign in.
  • Use the drop-down tab to find their name & click on it.

  • The test name should automatically appear.

Teacher Directions

Teachers should...

  • Teachers can access NWEA in Clever or by going to If you do not know your password or forget on the day of testing, select the Forgot Password link and you can create a new or reset your old password.
  • Post the Session Name and Password so students can enter it on the MAP browser to get started.
  • Check to be sure each student’s computer has their name & test on the screen.

  • On your computer, click Action, then Confirm.

  • Then students click Start Test.

  • At the end of each class, please “SUSPEND” the test for all students so that they can finish later (over 30 minutes or longer) AND click End Test Session and Save Test Session. You must end each test session to begin another class. You cannot test multiple classes at the same time, only one at a time. Saving the test session allows you to do your makeups sessions on another day.