By: Briella Antoline

Science Fiction

Science Fiction- Science Fiction is a genre when the book takes place in a place with more advanced technology and science. Some examples of science fiction Is; The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner. They are all science fiction because they are all in the future and have further more technology then us in the present. But books such as: Harry Potter and Unicorn books or whatever, are not science fiction. Because unicorns and dragons and what not because it isn't more advanced technology and science.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a genre that can take place at anytime in history or the future, so it could be from 1962 (past), 2014 (present), or like 2026 (future). It is written to "portray" a certain even in the past. Historical fiction is face because it is fiction, but a lot of them usually are based upon a true story or an even that could actually happen. EXAMPLE: Bud Not Buddy. It is a fiction story, but it is a real legit thing that could have happened in the time he was alive or the time the book was made
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Thriller/ Horror

Thriller is a genre that excites you and scares you all at once.
With blood, monsters, roller coaster, and much MUCH more. The books are

shocking when you read them. Find a scary book and you might just

get the chills all over. Authors usually leave a plot twist or unreal

supernatural ending. The books that they write either have a bunch of

stories put into one book. Or they have one long chapter book about an



Fantasy is a genre of fiction that usually uses magic and other supernatural things as a primary plot element, theme, or setting. Many works in this genre take place in imaginary places where magic and magical things are common. This may include; unicorns, other dimensions,and talking animals. For example, The Harry potter series is fiction. For it has magic, dragons, unicorns, talking animals, and things that could not happen realistically.


Biography is a genre that is non- fiction. It is written about someone, by someone else. Biographies can be written about somone in the past or they can be written in the present. For example, The Biography of George Washington, and The Biography of Jennifer Lawrence. Both biographies, but one is written in the form of present tense and e is in the past


Humor is a genre made for many reasons. But mostly is for a good laugh by the author or from the author to the reader. Humor books have a wide range the stretches through a lot of genres too. They also can be fiction and non fiction. They mostly revolve around fiction but you might see a non fiction floating around somewhere


Romance is a genre full of lovey dovey stuff and all that. But usually to keep the story going and to keep it interesting, theres usually a twist. Like they have to kill a dragon or go all the way across the earth to be together and what not. And the end is usually emotianly satisfying or emotionally UN satisfying. Depending on if the book is a series and it goes on for another book, ot if the book just has a really bad/sad ending, or if the ending is great an happy. It all depends on the author and what kind of book it is.


Autobiography is genre that people might get mixed up with biography alot. It is alot like biography, except, biography is a book about someone written by someone else. And an auto biography is a book writen about someone, written by the same person.


Mystery is a genre about something that hppened that someone has to find out. Thats why its called mystrey. Because the ansewer is unkown or mysterious. It usually involves crime, logic, brains, and someone or something to finish off a mystery book. Mystery books are usually in the fiction categry. Not very often will you find one on the non ficion shelf. But it is possible.


Adventure is a genre where the main character goes ona quest, adventure, or journey, or it could be about the main character going too a battle or fight or aything you can think of or that pops in yout brain when you think "adventure". This genre is oftwn full or "edge of your seat" stuff. It can also fit under many other genres. Like fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance, etc.

Realistic fiction

Realistic fiction is a genre where it is a novel or short bokk based upon something that could actually happen, today, or in the present or even in the past. Some examples are; Diary of a Wimpy Kid an d the Finally 12 series. It is usually imaginative but not too imaginative, because it still has to be realistic.