Internet Resources for Teachers

Using web 2.0 in your classroom!

Scratch programming tool

Scratch is an educational programming tool and multimedia authoring tool developed by the MIT Media Lab. Students can use Scratch to create animated projects and music. Scratch is fairly easy to use and there are almost endless options for customizing projects. Common Core State Standards in literature and math can easily be taught and practiced using Scratch.

Create 4-dimensional presentations on Meograph

Meograph is a tool that creates online presentations incorporating music, videos, text, narration, photos, and maps. Students can create Meographs to tell personal stories, explain an event in history, or present information on a variety of subject. The video bellow provides a short tutorial on using Meograph.

Meograph how-to video

Make images come alive with Thinglink

On Thinkglink you can add hotspots to photos that pull up captions, photos, URLS, videos and even music. Teachers can use this to create interactive diagrams for students to learn from.

Discover and share content on Scoop It

Discover content through Scoop It searches, choose the information that matters to you, and then add your perspective and share it. The following video explains more about the features of Scoop It and how to use it. It just works!

Unpack Your Adjectives from Schoolhouse Rock

This catchy tune is age-appropriate for grades 1st through 3rd. It explains the basic function of adjectives, how to use them, and lists some common adjectives.

Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar - Unpack Your Adjectives Music Video
Introducing Skype in the Classroom
An Introduction to Technology Integration

Collaborate and share with Google Docs

The following tutorial explains some of the ways Google Docs can be used to collaborate and share documents between people. Google Docs is very helpful resource in the classroom for group projects, communication with families, and class projects.

Google Docs Sharing and Collaboration Tutorial

Video clips on EDpuzzle

Edpuzzle allows teachers to crop videos down to a certain segment they want to play in class. You can also narrate over the video and add a quiz. I used EDpuzzle to select a short clip about giraffe eating habits from a 50 minute documentary about giraffes.

See it here: