Miss Backhaus' Weekly News

Week 2

We have made it through our second week of Kindergarten Summer School. It is hard to believe that we only have two weeks left. We continue to practice the basics of being a good student - we are going to be great leaders in August when we start Kindergarten!


This week our lessons focused around the Zoo. We read many books that talked about the zoo and zoo animals.

This week we read the poem Happy Birthday (and sang the song). The easy-read books we read this week were The Zoo and From A to Z. We always practice our ABC chart and this week we added the sounds to our routine. Your child is starting to build their reading stamina with all of our books and poems each day!

Fine Motor

This week we worked on fine motor activities. Fine motor skills are the collective skills and activities that involve using the hands and fingers. That is, fine motor skills are those skills that require the small muscles of the hand to work together to perform precise and refined movements.


During the afternoon we have been working hard in math stations. This week our math stations are focused around numbers 1-10. During kindergarten we will work on understanding numbers through 10. Although students often can easily count to 10, they struggle to really understand decomposing numbers. (Knowing that 5 is a 2 and a 3, or 4 and 1, etc.). Below are some counting and number practices that we worked on this week.

Housekeeping Things & Donations

  • You no longer need to send your child to school wearing their name tag! They know where to go in the morning and during dismissal time now.
  • The online lunch payment tool that the district has been using, Meal Pay Plus is changing to My Payments Plus. Liberty Public Schools has been seeking out another payment plan website that better fits the needs of patrons in LPS. All money that is currently in your child’s account will still carry over into the fall. For this reason, parents will need to send in cash or checks for summer school payments. Sorry for the inconvenience. The LPS school board will be officially approving the new system that will be used at their June meeting. After their approval, all will be able to pay/fill lunch accounts online once again.

Things To Work On At Home

  • Writing and identifying the letters in their name
  • Identifying the names of the letters
  • Counting and recognizing numbers through 10
  • Identifying shapes
  • Identifying colors
  • Read, read, read to your child and talk about what you read