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As the population grows in Babylon, we are scared of the following things: not enough food and not enough land. We have a great amount of water, but we sure do wish that we had a surplus of food. People in Babylon are rich, and we are the most populated place in Babylon. We can’t afford to have any more people. At the moment, our population is 62,000 and they just keep coming. The priests are projecting that in about 2 years or so, we will have about 200,000 people living here. The Royals are thinking about creating a gate that will block the people from coming in. Babylon really needs to watch there population, or who knows what will happen to this city-state.


It has been very hot, and humid here in Babylon. We are getting hotter and hotter, but our water supply is keeping us safe. We like some rain here, but we haven't seen some in a while. It would be nice to get a cold shower, but we need to work with what we have. Everybody needs to remember to drink water and stay hydrated.


Some of the most recent inventions have been:

  • Glass
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Sailboats
  • Wheel
  • Bricks
  • Writing (cuneiform- used in school by scribes)

Hammurabi's Code

We have gone through about three or four weeks of Hammurabi's code, and it is getting ridiculous. As shown below, you can see that many more people think that Hammurabi's code is not a crowd pleaser. Government officials are talking to Hammurabi, and we don't think that this problem will go away for a while, but people are trying heir best for this nonsense to start. Woman's rights are important, but not as important as many people dying. For a even slight mistake as flooding a field, has a consequence of paying rent to your neighbor for the damages. People need to understand that accidents happen and we are all in danger.

Agriculture update

Since it is so hot out, the crops are growing massively from the amount of sunlight the crops are getting. Many farmers are having a surplus of food and they are very happy. People are very hot, but the food and water surplus that everybody has, nothing can go wrong. Even though we have a ton of food, if Babylon gets more populated, then we will not have enough food and we will be doomed.

A New Addition to Babylon

A new addition to Babylon is here! Nebuchadnezzar's wife has gotten homesick, and King Nebuchadnezzar has brought home to the queen! The hanging gardens have been invented. Trees, flowers, bushes and more, the house of Nebuchadnezzar and his wife is a plant kingdom of beauty and wonderfulness!

New farmer opening

We will be having a farmer spot opening to a family business. We grow wheat, and corn


A new pharmacy is opening! We have job offers. Come to Mesogreens for all new updated, and curing medicince.

Recent death

Recently in Babylon, people have been suddenly dying from some unknown cause. People are franticly running around trying to get home so germs do not spread. Some people think that this phenomenon is caused from being in the hot sun all day and from the working class they think that they are being overworked. All of these possibilities could be true, but we need to find a cure fast. Families are being torn apart because of this. We are calling all pharmacists to a meeting to discuss this immediate problem affecting everybody in Babylon. If you know a cure for this please visit the king at his palace to go over this issue in out town.

Coming Soon...

Coming soon this spring is a brand new ziggurat. We will build brand new features to make this ziggurat better than it has ever been in Babylon. We will also have some great trees on the outside to attract attention. Hopefully, this ziggurat will be a great hit. Some features in this all-new ziggurat are new restaurants and shops in this all new deluxe ziggurat. When you pay a visit here, you will get to be a part of everything that we have listed before, and the top priests in the city-state to better your religious experience. So, when it comes the time, make sure you go to this all new ziggurat!

Ask Babylon! - Question of the week

Question- What job do you have, is it convenient, do you get a reasonable amount of money?

Commoner Answers:

  1. I am a farmer. It is not convenient. I don't know if i am just not a good farmer, but i never can get a surplus of food. Its outrageous! Also, I get NO money at all. But, my family's line is in farming... so I am a farmer.
  2. I am a scribe. It is very convenient. I love my job, and I have a great life. I get a decent amount of money -just to keep me happy- and I enjoy coming to work every day. My family is good, and I couldn't wish for a better job.
  3. I am a Preist. My job is convenient, teaching students next to the temple how to write cuneiform, and I get a good amount of money. I do not have children, but I have a wife and we have children on the way. I am happy with my lifestyle.

Thanks for reading! check tomorrow to see next weeks question, and maybe you can take part in ask Babylon!


For our Royals report today we will check in on our royals of Babylon. First we will mention king Nebuchadnezzar. He is our current king. King Nebuchadnezzar is an extraordinary king. Hopefully he will be around to help Babylon conquer all of the other city-states so that the Babylonian empire will live forever. Recently, King Nebuchadnezzar has built the Hanging Gardens for his wife since she was homesick. Clearly Nebuchadnezzar is a great king for the people of Babylon. All of the people know that he will protect and keep Babylon safe. Our king has also provided our city-state tons of water to keep is from dying from heat. Although our king is very kind to the people in Babylon, we have to make sure that we listen to his rules because if we don’t we know that Nebuchadnezzar will give us very harsh punishments.