Christmas Shopping Project


Mom's Present

This Christmas I can spend $480.I wanted to give my mom diamond earrings that cat $72.63.Then I hear that in Black Friday you can get 20 percent off all sales.They took off $1.53.I ended up paying $58.10

Dad's Precent

For Christmas I want to give my dad a chainsaw it cost $177.16 again in Black Friday their is a 20 percent discount.I had to pay $141.73.I payed this because they took $35.14 off

Big Sister's Precent

This Christmas I wanted to buy Diamond earrings for my sister.They cost $18.38.The discount took $3.68 off.I payed $14.70

Little Brother's Precent

This Christmas I wanted to give my brother Bolt-light up LED lights.They cost $79.97.The discount took $15.99.I ended up paying $63.98.