Happy Holidays!

Lessons, Hope, Possibilities...

The world and our debate season looked very different this year. We were forced to reimagine normal, realign our priorities, and find purposeful and intentional ways to connect with one another. And though the challenges have been many, I believe there has also been room for hope and gratitude from this unusual 2020.

Over this past year, the world stood in a historically privileged space and time. We have experienced and seen what it looks like for the world to unite with a shared singular purpose – slowing the spread of COVID-19. While we continue to keep our physical distance, wash our hands, and wear masks, we move into 2021 knowing that it is possible for humanity to come together. We built a sense of global community, understanding that in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones, we first needed to adjust and protect our neighbours and others.

To all our SEDA members, students, coaches, teachers, staff, parents and friends, THANK YOU. This year would not have been possible without you. We are looking forward to the rest of the online debate season, and particularly our Provincial Championships which will be held online over two days, March 13th to 14th, 2021.

We are excited for the possibilities and opportunities that 2021 will bring.

Happy New Year!

Fiseko Musonda

Executive Director

Looking forward to 2021

Workshops and Classes

Our instructors and staff have been hard at work developing engaging and fun virtual programming.

We are looking forward to the offering tournament prep sessions, speech workshops, and more Debate Academy classes!

Registration dates for 2021 programming will be announced early January 2021.

SEDA Tournaments

We have updated our EVENTS CALENDAR with information for the next three virtual tournaments in 2021.

Tournament 6: Environment and Development

January 16th, 2021 - All Divisions - All impromptu

Registration open January 4th, 2021

Tournament 7: Philosophy

January 30th, 2021 - All Divisions - All impromptu

Registration open January 15th , 2021

Tournament 8: Law

February 13th, 2021 - All divisions - Prepared & impromptu

Registration open January 29th, 2021

Our E.C Leslie Provincials Championships will also be held virtually from Saturday March 13th to Sunday March 14th.

Bringing MORE Fun into Debate

Got some ideas for fun motions or debate themes?

SEDA is looking forward to providing non-competitive debate opportunities in the future and we would love to get your ideas!

Does pineapple belong on Pizza? Is Marvel better than D.C? Is cake superior to pie? Is Robin Hood a good role model?

Let us know what you want to debate HERE!

National Public Speaking Championships

The National Public Speaking Championships will be hosted online by St. John’s-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg Manitoba from February 5th to 7th 2021.

This is a high school tournament consisting of four events: impromptu speaking, persuasive speaking, interpretive reading, and parliamentary debating.

SEDA will provide preparation workshops for those interested. More details are provided on our website HERE.

Other Learning and Tournament Opportunities

Uhuru Worlds Debating Championships

The Royalty Pact Debating Academy and the Wits Debating Union presents Uhuru Worlds Debating Championships (British Parliamentary Style).

Hosted over five days (from the comfort of your own home!) from the 10th to the 14th of January 2021. They will have 7 in-rounds, and break to Open Octo-Finals,ESL Quarter Finals and High School finals.

Registration is free and there will be prizes for teams, speakers and adjudicators!

Check out the Facebook event page for more details including registration Information.

Thank you for your generosity!

SEDA successfully transitioned to online programming by creating Debate Academy: virtual classes for youth grades 5 to 12 to learn about debate, build confidence, and develop skills such as critical analysis and persuasive speaking.

Our online programming has exceeded our expectations and has come with unexpected added expenses. Please consider a gift to support SEDA's virtual programming for Saskatchewan youth.

We thank you for your generosity!


Your donation helps keep our programs affordable and accessible. Thank you!

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