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October 30, 2020

Station's Adaptive Pause Schedule

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**This is a simplified version that does not include AT/WL- nothing has changed.

  • Students will join Zoom sessions each period with the following exceptions:

    • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday students will have an optional Academic Support time in place of Colt Time. Students only need to report to this period if requested by a teacher or if the student desires additional support from their teacher.

    • On Wednesdays a minimum of 50% of the student’s day will be synchronous, while the other periods will be asynchronous unless the teacher has communicated otherwise . This will rotate based upon the calendar date. Even dates will result with even periods(2,4,6,8) being synchronous and odd dates will result with odd periods(1,3,5,7) being synchronous. For example, on October 28th periods 2,4,6,8 will be synchronous and on November 4th periods 2,4,6,8 will be synchronous.

  • Band/Orchestra/Chorus (BOC) classes will take place during Academic Support/Colt Time.

Daylight Saving Time Ends this Sunday

Station Families,

This Sunday, Daylight Saving Time will end which means we will "fall back" one hour. Please make sure you update your clocks to gain an hour!

Station Parent Directory 2020-21

Looking to connect with another Station family? The Station Parent Directory for 2020-21 is now available on the parent portal in Infinite Campus. When you log in, it is located under 'Announcements.'

Upcoming Dates to Remember

November 3: Election Day, No School

November 4: Board of Education Meeting at Station, 7:00pm

November 5: Superintendent Search Virtual Community Forum, 7:00pm

November 10: Virtual PTO Meeting, 9:30am

November 17: Board of Education Meeting at District Office, 7:00pm

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break, No School

Happy Halloween

Halloween happens to fall on a Saturday this year, but if your students choose to partake in celebrating, please remember the three W's: Wash your hands, Wear a mask, Watch your distance. If your child dresses in a school appropriate costume, please submit a picture to Lynn Amato,, for a chance to be in the yearbook.

Attendance Info

Please be aware that during the transition of the different learning modes, the attendance feature on the parent portal has been changed. As of now, the attendance viewing feature is turned off. The attendance request feature is still active and should still be utilized.

A Message from the BMS Counseling Department

The current school year continues to be a challenge for many members of our community. District 220 is in this together and will get through it together. As always, we encourage our students to reach out to their trusted adults for support. In addition, please remember that students and parents can reach out to our counseling staff for support during this ever changing time as well.

Julie Schoppe - 6th grade counselor

Jennifer Schramm- 7th grade counselor

Lisa Hale- 8th grade counselor

Alma Ardon- Bi-Lingual counselor

Mourning Middle School?

In the coming weeks, Barrington Youth and Family Services will be offering a social group opportunity to Station students who are having a challenging time dealing with the loss of their middle school experience. This group will take place, right here at Station Campus, one time per week, for about an hour. This will be after school, and transportation will be provided, if you need it. Students who may benefit are those who are seeking peer interaction, or just need support in navigating the changes that they are experiencing. This opportunity is provided at no cost to parents. If you are interested, please contact Chad May, Assistant Principal for Student Services, at