Fallen Angels

Author: Walter Dean Myers (pgs.309)

Why did I read it and would I recommend it?

This book talked about the life of soldiers in the Vietnam war. It is a fictional war book that uses the perspective of a black soldier from harlem, New York who showed how black people were treated different during wartime. It also showed the beauty and hell of war. I read this book because I am very interested in war history and I did not know much about the vietnam war before hand. I felt as though this book portrayed the personal life and struggles within being a soldier during one of the bloodiest wars in American history. The weapons were unorthodox and the life-like descriptions were impeccable. I would recommend this book to anybody who is fascinated by the personal experiences of war, and the politics behind war. If you are willing to get past the gore and vulgar language then I think it is a great book for anybody.

In a life or death situation would it be a good last read?

No it would not. I think if you were dying you would want to a more heart warming, uplifting book compared to the death and destruction of this book. I feel that reading about someone else dying would not make you too happy to die.

3 Things I liked

Character development- I think it would be tough to show the transformation of a soldier during a war but I thought the author did it a great job. It was interesting how the author showed this change by the characters interacting with each other and showing a sense of family.

Climax- I really liked the suspense and how the author built up the big moments with language. The book was very detailed in what the characters were feeling so I was able to relate with what they were feeling.

Comedy- The author was able to really lighten up some horrible situations with some humor from "peewee" talking or something funny between the squad. I think that if it is appropriate for the situation why not?

2 Things I disliked

The little background I knew about the main character Richard Perry- Through the letters Richard wrote to his little sister seemed to convey the most knowledge of what happened in his childhood, but I would like to know more about where he came from, and if that played in effect in the way he acted before or after the war.
The variety of characters- I would have seen more characters because I felt that the plot could have added new dimensions if a new characters were introduced.

1 Connection

When Perry first got introduced to his squad I could connect to it because it was awkward, and everyone had different backgrounds. It reminds me of when I go to college lacrosse camps and you come in all alone and have to meet friends.

1 Quote

"I had thought this war was right, but it was only right from a distance. Maybe when we all got back to the World and everybody thought we were heroes for winning it, then it would seem right from there....But when the killing started, there was no right or wrong except in the way you did your job, except in the way that you were part of the killing." (p.269-270)