My Swedish Holiday

My family's heritage community

What St. Lucia is about!

Every year on December 13th my family celebrates a special holiday called St. Lucia. Early in the morning a girl or women comes in and wakes you up and serves you breakfast in bed. After you eat there is a present in your stocking and you open it. You open a present every day up to Christmas Day. Normally there just small presents. We do this because on the day we celebrate it is the darkest day in Sweden. So in the morning the girl pretending to be St. Lucia wears a crown with candles on it. This represents that we are supposed to bring light into the world, and spread the word of Jesus Christ. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember. This is a fun holiday that my family celebrates. This past St. Lucia my grandma and cousins got to celebrate with us, and it was a lot of fun with them with us. I have been St. Lucia two or three times. It's a lot different being St. Lucia and waking people up and serving them in bed, then it is being woken up and being served.

Why St. Lucia is important!

This special holiday is so special to me because it has been in my family for generation, and it's a time when the whole family gets to be together. Others might want to try this because it's fun and a great thing to try with your family! My holiday hasn't exactly been made a holiday by the officials, but it's a very special holiday to all those who celebrate it. My holiday is different from other holidays because we have special foods, different tradition, and the religion that I know not everybody knows. I personally think that this holiday should be celebrated by all, whether your part Swedish or not!