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Week Of October 3rd

Highlights From Last Week....

We had a GREAT week of learning! In Reader's Workshop, we learned about stamina, how to look at the pictures when we read and practiced turning and talking.

In Phonics, we practiced letter sounds "m" and "n" and learned the sight word "like".

In Math, we worked on finding hidden partners in numbers. For instance, in the number five, two hidden partners might be 2 and 3 or 1 and 4. The children loved playing math detectives to find out the hidden partners in numbers.

In writer's workshop, we worked on telling stories out loud and having our friends retell our stories back to us. The children loved sharing their stories!

In Social Studies, we worked on what a community is and what it looks like in our classroom. We read several books about friendship and how to make friends!

A peek at our learning this week...

This week will be very busy!

In Reader's Workshop, we will continue to work on our reading stamina and start building a graph to track our progress. Our goal will be to read 20 minutes by the end of kindergarten. We are at 4 minutes now! We will work on looking at the pictures to read the story. We will continue to practice turning and talking.

In Phonics, we will be practicing letter sounds "i" and "u" and learning the sight words "go" and "see". So far our sight words are I, can, like, go and see, please practice these words at home.

In Math, we will work on decomposing numbers to 3 and learn that 1+2=3. We will also start looking at numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3. We will learn how to write the numbers and use the numeral to represent a quantity.

We will continue to work on our classroom community in Social Studies.

More information...

Reading Logs:

Great job working reading with your child! We will continue sending home new reading logs weekly! Keep up the great work! We are noticing your children are already developing a love for books!

Notes from Mrs. Maillet

Book Orders:

Our book order has shipped and should be arriving at the school this week. I will send the books home with your child.

Volunteers: A big shout out to Connor's mom and Autumn's grandmother for offering to help out in our class! Thank you SO much for your help!

Notes from Mrs. Goldthwaite

We had another great week of learning. The classroom routine is underway. I really want to give a big cheer to all the students. It is really hard to remember the rules, but they are doing it!

Book orders should be coming in this week. I will be sending them home with the students. I also have another book order going home this week. If you missed it the first time, try it this time. They are due October 14th.

Our sight words are adding up. Please review them with your child. List is on the top of this flyer.

We have been doing lots of writing this week. Next week we will be adding more details to our story. Ask your son/ daughter about my stories. Hint ( they are all about my 3 year old dog Hunter).

We will have bus evacuation this week. This is so the students will have an idea on how to get off the bus in case of an emergency.

Thank you for sending in the Kleenex. Still looking for some Clorox wipes, white lunch bags and some Playdough. Would any one like to donate a pumpkin for our science center next week? Please let me know.

Big image

October calendar

Selene, Jameson and Mathew creating a fall tree. I do hope you put these calendars someplace to keep you updated for our month.

Notes from Mrs. Chadwick/Miss Bickford

Book orders: Book orders were shipped and should arrive very shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Colder weather: Please be sure to send your child in with a sweatshirt or jacket. Recess has gotten more chilly recently and lots of students are out at recess with short sleeves. We don't want anyone getting sick!

Donations: Tissues and Clorox wipes would be greatly appreciated. Sniffles and germs are growing with the colder temperatures.

I'm excited for this week's learning!!

Notes from Mrs. Melanson

What a busy week we had with school pictures and the book fair! The September scholastic order has shipped and should arrive early this week. I will send book orders home in backpacks when they arrive.

It was a difficult week for me, as I was at a conference three out of the five days last week. I am excited to be in the classroom all week! I missed my class!

I am trying to build up my art supplies and am on the hunt for: buttons, beads, yarn, thread, fancy paper, etc. If you have something that you would like to donate toward my art supplies, I would appreciate it!

Thank you all for reading at home with your child! Keep up the great work! It's the best homework out there and it gives you a special time to connect with your child for a few minutes out of the crazy day.

Wish list: clorox wipes, plastic spoons, plastic cups

Click on the link to see some pictures:

Notes from Mrs. Potter/Mrs. Walsh

Wow! Another great week of learning! Your children are so excited to learn new things.

Red folders: please be sure to check your childs red folders EVERY day. They always have something new to share with you at home. Red folders also contain important information about school events. On Friday, an October calendar uniquely designed by your child went home.

PJ Story Night: it was so nice to see students come and enjoy the book fair and story time while chilling in their comfy jammies. Thank you for your support.

Reading Logs: it's so nice to see so many reading logs returned to class, keep up the good work. Reading with your child is so important and a wonderful way to bond while expanding the imagination.

Donations: donations are always welcome. This time of year the weather gives us yucky noses and icky coughs. We want to do our best to keep the germs away, so Clorox wipes and tissues are always needed.