Title of your Smore

(5 points)

Enter your questions one at a time (5 points)

Choose a way to display each answer choice and how many times it was selected. You may either show raw data (the total number of people that selected each response), or the percent that each answer choice was selected. You may input the data into Excel and paste a picture of a graph, use a google doc to show info, import a display from photoshop, etc. (10 points for each one)

Summary of your findings. (15 points)

Every good survey has a conclusion. You need to make a conclusion from the responses your survey received. You can either write a summary of each question and answer choices, or a summary of the entire survey. Whichever you choose should have a conclusion.

5 points for overall presentation.

Your smore needs reflect effort, it needs to be easy to understand, it should be grammatically correct, and it should contain all the required information.