Class of 1996 Reunion

20 years

Wow 20 years already! Here are some ideas that center around a football game and include a dinner and a picnic the next day.

I would love your input on the basics of these ideas so that we can more forward with some details.
  • Friday, September 2, 2016 - Varsity Football Game at Ridgewood High School, 7pm, followed by pay as you go at Hooters
  • Saturday, September 3, 2016 - Dinner, Bahama Breeze or similar venue
  • Sunday, September 4, 2016 - Family picnic at Starkey Park, morning/early afternoon

(Monday is Labor Day)

Varsity Football Game - Friday

Game begins at 7:00pm
I work at Ridgewood, so I can make sure that the faculty and staff makes this a memorable game for the reunion. I can ensure that the alumni is recognized and often, we have a tailgating section at our games for the adults.

  • We can have the stadium decorated welcoming the class of 1996.
  • We can encourage attendees to wear their orange and blue/Ridgewood gear. -If they don't have any, we can provide the school site where they can purchase some.
  • We can make sure the our mascot is present at this game for picture opportunities.
  • I can put a call out to some of our former teachers to be present at the game.

Following the game, we can meet at Hooters (reserved room) for a casual night of food and drinks. Decorated with orange and blue balloons.

Bahama Breeze (or similar venue) - Saturday

Bahama Breeze has the capability to have an event for up to 200 people.
They have different menu options that range from cocktail party/buffet style to several options for a sit down dinner. Ranging from $28-$50 per person.

Check out their event menu for details.

  • We can decorate with orange and blue.
  • Create a slide show (collect pictures from alumni by using Eversnap)
  • play our senior video
  • Display posters or play games for prizes that focus on events and top 10's of 1996
  • Rent a photo booth (we do this at our proms and homecomings--cost is about $400-$500)

Starkey Park - Sunday

Attendees can bring their whole family for a picnic/cookout at Starkey Park.
Cost is $40 (non-electric) /$45 (electric) to reserve a pavilion and attendees would have to pay $2 to park.

We can cookout hamburgers and hot dogs, have sides, and snacks, etc.

We can decorate with orange and blue tablecloths and balloons.


We will have to set up a paypal (or similar) account to collect money that will cover the following:
  • Saturday Dinner ($28-$50 per person)
  • Photo booth ($400-$500 flat rate)
  • Favors at Saturday Dinner
  • Park reservation fee ($45 flat rate)
  • Picnic food - need to set budget for this based on number expected to attend
  • Decorations/props for all three days - need to set budget for this

Items that will be self-pay:

parking ($2 per vehicle) at Starkey park on Sunday

football game ($5 per person) Friday

food/drink tab at Hooters on Friday

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible!