5th Grade Newsletter

Monday, February 3rd

Mrs. Cook

Language Arts/Social Studies Block 1 & 2:  We are beginning the novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, to work on inferencing and referring to the text when answering questions.  We are also studying the US Government in our Social Studies Weekly.
*Reminder- you can order books online for your child anytime at www.scholastic.com/readingclub.  This helps earn free books for our classroom!  I will submit the order on the last day of the month.  To order use our Class Activation code: MCQ9Z  
Science:  We are studying single celled organisms and how they survive.  Key vocab: amoeba, bacteria, cell, cell membrane, cell nucleus, cytoplasm, microorganism, multicellular, protist

Ms. Price

Block 1 and 2 Math: Focus will be on Unit 5: Building Other Fractions From Unit Fractions, Comparing Unit Fractions, and Fractions With Like Denominators, as well as Applying Greater Than (>) and (<) notation.
Science: We will be exploring various properties of matter.  Students will be classifying matter based on physcial properties including magnetism, ability to conduct/insulate heat, electricity, sound, and density.
Science Vocabulary: matter, mass, volume, weight, density, conduct, insulate

Mr. Ross

Language Arts/Social Studies: We are continuing our unit on the U.S. Constitution and how it established our current government. In reading, we are focusing on the different types of sentences.
Science: We are beginning our unit on single- and multi-cellular organisms. 

Mrs. Rotenberry

Math:  We are finishing up Unit 6. Our Unit test will be Monday and students can use their notes.  Our skill focus for the week is: converting metric and customary units of measurement, adding and subtracting compound measurements, comparing and estimanting measurements.  Our next Accelerated Math deadline is: 2/6-2/13.
Science: Welcome Mr. Ross' homeroom!! My homeroom will be with Mr. Ross for the third and fourth nine weeks so please refer to his science for upcoming news and events.  This week Mr. Ross&apos; class will begin the Forces and Motion unit.  This week&apos;s focus is: Understanding how forces can cause objects to change direction. Students need to bring a new composition notebook for the second semester.
My homeroom will be having a Valentine treat on Friday, February 14th.  We are going to exchange Valentines and have treat bags.  We need candy donations for the bags.  Please send in your donation by Thursday, February 13th.
We are running low in supplies and would greatly appreciate tissue and hand sanitzer donations.

Reminders to Students

*Remember to complete homework each night.
*Planners need to be filled out and signed daily.

Reminders to Parents

*Please sign planner nightly. Please sign your full name (no initials) and use a pen.
*Be sure to check your childs planner today and every Friday for a conduct grade for the week.  Please sign and address any concerns with your child.  Teachers will be checking for a parent signature on Monday.
*Tardies and Early Dismissals can affect Success Celebrations* Success Celebration Criteria: -Students cannot have an N or U in conduct in any class. -Students cannot have any office or bus referrals. -Students cannot have any unexcused absences. -Students cannot have more than 3 tardies to school. -Students cannot have more than 3 early dismissals from school.

Classroom Group Pictures

Friday, Feb. 7th, 8am

Blackburn Elementary School, Jacobs Fork, NC, United States

Jacobs Fork, NC

Blackburn Math & Reading Family Night

Tuesday, March 4th, 5:45pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Jacobs Fork, NC, United States

Jacobs Fork, NC

*Info sent home today on pink paper!*

Field Trip - Glenn Hilton Park

Wednesday, April 2nd, 8am

2000 6th Street Northwest

Hickory, NC