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Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance Enhancing Drugs

What are Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Performance Enhancing Drugs are drugs that are used to increase athletes ability for a specific sport.

Who uses it?

Many different athletes use these types of drugs to increase their ability in races or in other types of competitions. Alex Rodriguez,Lance Armstong,and Floyd Landis along with many other athletes used performance enhancing drugs

About Floyd Landis

Q. What was the benefits of using it?

A. It can improve my ability and it can increase my stamina.

Q. What were the losses?

A. The losses were that i lost the Tour de France winning title. I was also suspended from professional cycling and kicked off my team.

Q. What were the main side effects?

A. I would have to say heart problems, Mood swings, High cholesterol levels.

Report: Landis Admits Doping, Accuses Armstrong

Types of PEDs


Doping started a long time ago when we didn't even know that it was bad for us but now even when we know it is bad for us many athletes are still doing it aware of the risks. Many athletes back then should have asked themselves these questions "Is it really worth it? What are the risks i will take?". Here are some of the Consequences (Health wise):

  • Heart problems
  • Mood swings
  • High cholesterol level
  • Liver damage
  • And many more depending on the steroid

Other consequences:

  • $200,000+ Fine
  • Years in jail

These are some companies that prevent doping :

  1. World anti-doping Agency
  2. United States anti-doping agency
  3. Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

here is a graph of the doping incidents per Olympic year from the late 19th century


This flyer has been written by: Malika Haider and it is a great honor to present you with this flyer Thank you for reading!