Daily Night Watch

June 24th 2013 / 12:00 PM CEST

Previously on Viadeo

Accepted Contact Request between 15 and 25% below 4 Weeks Moving Average
  • Investigators : Fred, PE, Thomas Neau, Thierry
  • Reason 1 : Capping put in place by TL
  • Reason 2 : linked to less Mini-profile views from profile after release
  • Impact : decreased usage, less spam
  • Action : investigation still oingoing, but today's levels not as bad as before (-7%)

High level of Distinct Profile Consults
  • Investigator : Fred, Boris H, David C
  • Reason 1 : Croleo was crawling our pages
  • Action : Boris Hajduk has contacted them this morning asking to stop

Today's status

Winter won't be coming!

The Night Watch is a process involving all business analysts and IT to share insights and carefully monitor Viadeo's key performance indicators (KPIs). All check points can be found in today's confluence page.