Dream Vacation

Colorado River

location and plans

my dream vacation may be somewhat strange, but its got to be a 3 day camping/float trip down the one and only colorado river. why? just look at a picture of it, veiws of the grand canyon, limestone stained water that looks like it should be in a waterpark. just seems like it would be an amazeing time! so liveing in southwest MO will make something of a descent drive just to get there! planes are overrated. we will have to take my truck, 4.3l 2006 chevy silverado 1500 work truck with twin turbos and hotcams supercharger!! ha i wish, minus the turbos and supercharger. so we can take 3 kyacks. take my girlfriend Sydney, shes not the girl youv met. and probably my best friend and perhaps a girl for him. about an 11 hour drive on my guess with me driveing but thats in the air, around 217 dollars for gas. We wont need hotel money, and around 60 dollars in food and new supplies! the rest we have.

sounds like an awesome trip right? No! not yet cause there aint no way id be at the grand canyon without breakin some laws and rock climbing!

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